7 Reasons to Hire an Ecommerce Marketing Agency

By Andy Beohar


If you own or manage an ecommerce company, you’re probably aware that the competition is pretty fierce, which is why strategic and aggressive marketing is crucial to stay afloat. Unfortunately, most of the basic ecommerce marketing tactics take a lot of time to learn and perfect. And when you have other essential duties to manage, dedicating the right amount of effort to your ecommerce marketing may not be possible.

But don’t bury your head in the sand just yet. There is a way to kick your marketing into high gear without you having to drain all your own time: hire an ecommerce marketing agency.

Now, you might be thinking, “Hiring an agency is too expensive.” But that’s just not true. Any ecommerce marketing agency worth its salt will be able to pay for itself and then some by reaping untapped revenue from PPC campaigns, SEO, email marketing campaigns, and more.

In this post, we’ll outline some of the best reasons to partner with an ecommerce marketing agency, including making more money than you spend.

Top 7 Reasons to Hire an Ecommerce Marketing Agency

1. PPC Management Experience

Without prior experience, the mere idea of setting up and managing paid campaigns can be a scary notion. After all, it’s more than just writing some copy and handing your credit card over to Google. In reality, a successful PPC campaign requires lots of thought and scrutiny—even after the ads are set up.

Hiring an ecommerce marketing agency to handle your PPC campaigns will save you a lot of time and agony (not to mention money). This is because they have already managed thousands of campaigns just like yours, and they know how to set up, adjust, and budget your ads so that they bring in the most bang for your buck.

However, it’s important to note the distinction between an ecommerce marketing agency and just any old marketing agency. If the agency you’re interested in has no prior experience working with ecommerce companies, it may be a red flag. Even if they’ve helped dozens of tech companies achieve their goals, that’s a whole different beast. For example, an agency without ecommerce experience might know how to setup and manage Google Shopping campaigns correctly.

You need an agency that has already worked with other ecommerce clients so that you don’t have to be the guinea pig. In addition to the ability to write compelling copy that entices users to click on your ad when they see it in search results, the agency should also be able to create a high-quality landing page that matches your ad. Be sure to ask for testimonials or case studies from their other ecommerce company success stories.

2. An Understanding of Creative Design

Another perk of hiring an ecommerce marketing agency is that they often have a team of designers that can work with you to create custom creatives that match your brand theme and standards. High-quality design is the key to making your company stand out and look good to consumers—especially if they’ve never heard of Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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