7 Post-Purchase Actions You Need to Take to Build Customer Loyalty

By Alexa Lemzy


Savvy business owners know that customer retention is worth its weight in gold. The numbers say it all: it costs five times more to bring in a new customer than it does to maintain a current one and the odds of making a sale to a current customer are 60-70 percent compared to only a 5-20 percent chance of selling to a new lead.

That’s why you need to develop post-purchase strategies: in order to enhance customer loyalty and drive revenue. While many businesses tend to focus their efforts on pre-purchase marketing, solid post-purchase tactics can extend the effects of your hard-won sales and keep the retail ball rolling.

Have you enrolled customers who just made a purchase in your brand’s loyalty program? Maybe, you send them surveys to find out what they’re really thinking? Or send out celebratory confirmation messages that make them feel good about their purchases?

Those are some of the ways you can enhance your business’ relationship with a customer who just bought something from you. Let’s see how you can continue engaging your customers after a purchase:

1. Ask for a product review

Asking a customer to write a product review for you can help reinforce your relationship with them. First, it forces your clients to really analyze your product and their satisfaction with it. Second, it lets them know you have confidence in your product and aren’t afraid to ask people for reviews.

As a reward for leaving a review, you can offer a discount on future purchases or a reward unrelated to your store such as a gift card. Your tone should be encouraging and appreciative: Inviting them to leave a review and thank them for helping you to improve your product by expressing their honest opinion.

Remember: Customers who leave positive reviews are more likely to become brand advocates.

2. Send branded confirmations

Remember that each step of the purchasing process is an opportunity for you to reinforce your brand’s message and style to the customer. Imagine receiving an exciting offer from your favorite brand that makes you rush to click on their site and make a purchase. Then imagine how all this effort and excitement could fall flat when you receive a dull automated purchase/shipping confirmation.

Many people feel a rush after making a new online purchase and look forward to receiving their package in the mail. You can amp up this enthusiasm with a confirmation that includes a positive message, congratulating them on making the purchase and an image that matches your brand’s style. Make them feel good about their purchase and helps them identify more strongly with your brand.

Here is an example of nice branded shipping confirmation:


3. Invite to your loyalty program

Loyalty programs work to boost sales and keep your hard-earned customers coming back to you instead of going to your competition. According to the 2016 Bond Loyalty Report, 81 percent of customers say they are more likely to Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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