7 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Influencer Relationships

By Niraj Ranjan

Influencer relationships are precious. They require a certain amount of dedication, persistence, and careful nurturing to maintain. If you are lucky, you may start seeing positive results instantly. But, most of the time you’ll have to wait for a while to see any kind of positive results.

While influencer marketing can fetch you tremendous results, you should also note that these relationships are very fragile. If you’re not careful, they relationships can fall apart pretty easily.

Here are a few mistakes that can end up killing your influencer relations.

1. Considering it a one-off exercise

Let’s look at a small example. Imagine you reach out to Kristi Hines to promote your new article, she accepts the request, and shares it on her Twitter account. If you’re going to say just thank you and move on, then the relationship is as good as dead.

Sure, you may come out of it feeling delighted at all the traffic you got. But in reality, you just lost a huge opportunity to build on that relationship and achieve greater things.

The Influence 2.0 report cites that this kind of shortsighted view hinders performance, making influencer marketing less effective compared with other strategic programs.

Don’t be blinded by the short-term benefits – those are just one-tenth of what you can achieve. The key here is to put in sustained and focused efforts to grow the relationship.

Not sure how?

Here are a few top tips:

  • Create a solid plan. Before you approach an influencer, you should know exactly what you can get out of them.
  • Pitch them to become a regular contributor to their website.
  • Ask them if they’d like to contribute articles to your website.
  • Give them exclusive news about product updates.
  • Give them early access to your products or features.
  • Share their content on your social media pages regularly.
  • Invite them for your podcast/webinar series.

There are a lot more things that you can do. The aim is to stay in touch with them. Develop top of mind awareness, and grow the relationship.

2. Considering it as a transactional relationship

“A transactional relationship is based on an expectation that a favor will be returned in kind.” – John Jarvis

Normally in a transactional relationship, all parties are in it for themselves. These relationships easily fall apart because there’s no attempt from your side to grow the relationship or build an emotional connection. Today, businesses try to avoid this by providing authentic and meaningful experiences to their customers.

The pitfalls of considering influencer relationships as transactional are:

  • Reduced impact: The content you produced in collaboration with them may lack authenticity or may even look forced.
  • No additional effort from their side: they will try to get away by doing just the bare minimum. All they care about is what they are about to get in return.
  • One mistake can jeopardize the whole relationship.
  • Such relations will won’t be sustainable in the long run.
  • The relationship will never grow.

Influencers may or may not be your customers. But given the kind of returns they can fetch your brand, it is imperative Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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