7 Mindset Hacks to Fall In Love with Change [Podcast]

By Brian Fanzo

7 Mindset Hacks To Fall In Love With Change Infographic

As a millennial going from DHS to DVD and from a tape cassette to CD, were two massive changes the drastically shifted when I was a teenager was spending my money on. Our shift from on premise software installation to on demand in the cloud as well as the shift from Mobile friendly to mobile everything didn’t just change and Industry for the buying habits a high schooler’s it shifted the way we live work and play around the world.

No wonder change is hard, and change is scary for so many as we’ve never been trained or exposed to the digital change that is happened for last five years and will continue for many years to come.
It’s not about shifting our mindset or adjusting our daily workflow rather we must reboot and reformat how we look at change how we embrace change how are you teach change and most importantly how we leverage change to make our lives and the world a better place.

I’ve always believed that people who were scared of change mostly made up of two kinds of people.

Those who looked at change as the result of bad decisions a disaster are uncontrollable circumstances. The second kind of people is those that are afraid of the unknown and believe did rather hold on to what they have today no matter if the results of tomorrow could be worse or better.

In order to reformat our mindset, so we are open to change we must embrace these seven mindset hacks which if you do, I believe you’ll go from hating or fearing change to falling in love with it.

  1. Perfection is a fairytale
  2. Control is an illusion
  3. Perspective drives experience
  4. Organized chaos is the new normal
  5. Commit to new with Trust then Training then Technology
  6. Success & Goals Come From Your Why, not what or how
  7. Being opinionated without being informed is just plain stupid.

“Don’t Hate What You Don’t Understand”

Why do we read about “Messy desks equal people who are smart and hard workers” because those trying to make an organized, perfect desk that they can control are too busy doing that to write blog posts?

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Source:: Business 2 Community

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