7 Kickass Marketing Apps You Should Start Leveraging Today!!!

By Bhawna Sharma

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Being a modern marketer, you can reap massive benefits just by using your mobile. Such useful apps are becoming increasingly available on the go for the mobile users to leverage it. From tracking campaigns to uploading and scheduling posts, everything can be managed through apps.

But with a wide range of apps available, which are the best marketing apps that can be used to make the most out of your marketing strategies? I’ve listed down 8 kick-ass marketing apps that you should start leveraging today and manage your company’s social network activity.


Founded in 2008, HootSuite has become one of the most popular channels to manage your social accounts. It gives you the freedom of posting, scheduling, reverting, monitoring & measuring your performance and much more. With the presence of HootSuite, you can stop juggling the accounts and manage every account with this channel.


Neck to neck with HootSuite, Buffer enables you to easefully manage & monitor all your social media accounts. Instantly schedule all your posts, analyze statistics, create burring patterns for your audience, etc. You can also set your own updating schedule for different accounts.


Facebook is one of the most reigning and most downloaded apps so far. Geared for giving the same UX on the mobile devices, Facebook app makes it easy for marketers to create campaigns, share information, promoting your services, scheduling posts, measure statistics, and many other features.


Known as a business app, LinkedIn acts as a useful communication tool to speed up your professional network. You can follow industry influencers, stay updated with marketing trends, attain regular insights, and grow professionally. If you are looking to create and maintain professional relationships, post content, drawing attention towards your business, then LinkedIn is the platform for you.


Twitter is one of the apps which came and boomed the marketing channel with its excellent offerings. From creating a twitter campaign to showcasing your offerings in a number of ways, twitter helps your business grow. It also helps you to go with the trend with hashtags and GIFs.


Being a high-end CRM system, Nimble helps professionals building better online relationships across all the channels. It also enables the consumers to track & engage relationships by colliding contacts, important social media profiles as well as important conversations.

AnalyticsPro 2

AnalyticsPro 2 enables you to check 61 reports, neatly organized into 8 sections: Content, Summary, Visitors, E-Commerce, Social, Traffic Sources, Goals, and App Tracking. Reports can be emailed in a PDF format and then the data can be exported to a text file.

There are various other marketing apps that can be used to build your brand and grow professional but these 8 marketing apps are the must haves.

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