7 Despicable Email Habits

By Emma Weir

Automotive Industry Emails

Everyone has a couple of bad habits, most of which are innocent however, as an Email Marketer there are some habits that can be detrimental to your campaign success and should be broken immediately. Take a look at our list to see if you’re prone to of any of them and, if so, how to rectify them…

Think about your own personal inbox. How many emails do you receive that are of absolutely no interest to you so you hit the junk button? How many emails don’t appear right on your mobile or tablet so you delete straight away? We’ve put together a list of common bad habits that are sometimes made by email marketers, why they are bad and how you can break the habit:

1. Sending unwelcome emails

It’s vital that you always acquire access to send emails to your audience first. Not only is it frustrating for the recipient but as part of the CAN SPAM Act, it can result in a large fine for your business or even a prison sentence. To break this habit do not use purchased data or third party lists, you should only be using the email addresses from people who have opted-in to receive your campaigns. In return you will see better engagement rates as these people actually want to know what you have to say.

2. Sending emails with bad content/unrelated content

We know, as a Marketer, you have a lot that you want to say and sometimes things can get a little disjointed. Just make sure your content stays relevant to your business and sticks to the subjects mentioned when enticing users to sign up to receive your campaigns. There’s no point in getting people to sign up to newsletters promoting cars when actually all your emails are going to be about fishing tackle! To break this habit stick to a devised plan of what you want to promote at certain times.

3. Sending badly designed emails

Poorly designed emails are a massive reason why users do not engage with them. First impressions count so even if your content is good, your designs might be your downfall. To break this habit ensure you are viewing your email in mobile AND desktop preview, then edit accordingly.

4. Not targeting/segmenting email lists (sending to entire list)

When you have something to shout about it can be tempting to send a campaign to your entire list. Batch and blast is a thing of the past – you should be segmenting your lists to target your audience better. In turn this will produce better engagement rates as recipients are receiving content relatable and valuable to them. To break this habit segment your lists by; age, gender, buying habits, personal interests or where they are in your lifecycle email marketing programme etc.

5. Not testing email campaigns before sending

Before any campaign is sent it’s imperative to carry out the necessary tests and checks. This includes making sure your email looks correct across multiple platforms, any spelling mistakes, images load properly, link errors, plus Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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