7 Blogging Mistakes That Will Cripple Your Efforts

By Annaliese Henwood

Are you just beginning to build your own blog? Or one for your employer? It can be tricky business, starting a blog, especially when you aren’t fully aware of best practices. Mistakes can happen, but you’ll have better luck avoiding them by reading and applying the lessons in this article.

Many bloggers want to get their website at the top of search results right away. Some may want to build their subscriber list as fast as possible. Others may not know why or how to organize and measure their efforts. These are just a few of the common issues bloggers can have when they’re just starting out. It’s how mistakes can happen.

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Let’s get going so that you can discover how exactly to avoid or fix these common mistakes…

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1) Wrong Priorities

Business bloggers are often guilty of choosing the wrong goals and techniques when creating content. These are two of the most problematic priority mistakes I see…

Mistake One: Prioritizing the Sale

A business thrives off of sales, so you may think your blog needs to push for that. Bloggers with the wrong priorities may create content that’s pushing self-promotion with the single goal of making an immediate sale.

That’s not how blogs are meant to be used, and it’s not how you’ll bring in business.

Writing blog articles that are sales-y and overly self-promotional will be a waste of your time and effort. Instead, take advantage of this better way to get sales from your blog…

Solution: Build Thought Leadership to Convert Qualified Leads

With this approach, you’re creating content that attracts readers because it’s informative and helpful.

Thought leadership pieces won’t bring an immediate sale, but you can optimize your blog content to attract the right audience and give them a reason to convert into leads.

These are some of the best ways of using your blog for lead generation:

  • Tailor your content to your target audience by creating and following set reader personas.
  • Be strategic with what call-to-action you use and its design and placement.
  • Create a formal strategy that is designed around one goal: gaining qualified leads.

Mistake Two: Prioritizing Quantity Over Quality

You have a new blog, so you’d think you need to build it as fast as possible. This way of thinking is flawed, in a way. Yes, you want to publish content regularly and as often as possible, but the priority shouldn’t be on how many posts you can produce. You don’t want to publish a bunch of subpar posts for the sake of quantity because it’ll only hurt your efforts (and your reputation).

Solution: Publish Articles Only When They’re of the Highest Quality

Instead of prioritizing quantity, put more emphasis on quality. You’ll end up with a lower bounce rate, more social shares, and higher authority in your subject matter. The priority should be on publishing consistently, following a set schedule, not on publishing low-quality content for the sake of building your blog presence. Even Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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