6 Ways to Grow Your Online Ad Revenue

By Gal Glikman

With Google and Facebook taking the majority of online advertising profits, everyone else has been swimming against the strong current of competition in the hopes of profiting from this potentially lucrative market.

Throw increasingly popular ad blockers into the mix, and the outlook suddenly seems bleak. Your readers need to see ads if you want them to be clicked, but you don’t want to annoy them to the point that they stop visiting your site.

Luckily, there are still ways to grow your online ad revenue while keeping your users happy.

Bring Ads to Their Target Audiences

It isn’t just the quality of online ads that makes them effective; it’s also important to tailor ads to specific audiences. Provide ads people enjoy seeing, not the ones you believe will have the most views. Forbes, for example, now uses a Data Management Platform and Recommendation Engine to create custom advertising packages for readers that suggests content based on reading history. This not only makes for a better user experience, but it also brings online publishers closer to the revenue they’re looking for.

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Use Ad Extensions

Ad extensions is a feature that does exactly what the name suggests: it extends your ads by making them bigger and more click-accessible. Ad extensions have been shown to improve customer CTR because they increase the size of available click space in the most effective way.

Google, for instance, provides extensions based on the context of the advertisement, like a large, clickable phone number for a restaurant ad, and show the most highly-performing extensions for that specific category of ad to ensure the best CTR possible.

Grow Traffic to Your Site

Easier said than done, right? Not necessarily. There are many tactics you can use to attract more visitors to your site and keep them coming back. An important one to consider is creating quality content for your website.

This could mean anything from covering trending topics that are connected to your niche to improving the design of the web pages on your site. Storytelling is always a great way to attract readers and to generate more demand for content, as well as create a better overall user experience.

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Use Ad Recovery Solutions

While increasing traffic to your site is essential to growing your online ad revenue, it’s also important that users have access to quality content in the first place. Growing your online ad revenue doesn’t necessarily require that you create new revenue channels or expand existing efforts. The fact is, publishers are leaving money on the table each day when ads on their site aren’t being served to ad blocking users, which may account for as many as one out of every three visitors.

Ad recovery tools, like those of Uponit and Ooyala, allow publishers to bypass ad blockers and choose which ads to display to their ad blocking audience. A recent study by Hubspot suggests this solution may satisfy everyone. Most Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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