6 Ways to Create Marketing Videos on a Budget

By Ana Gotter

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Videos are beneficial when used in all areas of marketing. It’s why we have landing page videos and product videos and explainer videos and so much more. We need to be using video, and we should be using it a lot.

There’s a catch, though: it’s typically really expensive to create even one outstanding, high-quality video. Most businesses believe that creating marketing videos consistently would just be way outside their budget’s wheelhouse.

If you’re going through the traditional channels of hiring a videographer, copywriter, graphic designer, video editor, and more, yep, it will be too expensive unless you’re a mega corporation. There are a number of ways, however, to significantly reduce the costs involved so that video content is affordable and accessible regardless of your budget. In this post, we’re going to go over six ways to create marketing videos on a budget, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for quantity (because let’s be real, we all want both).

1. Hammer Out the Details Before You Start Creating

If you change something, that means it will take more time, which often means more money. And if you change a project halfway through, that’s going to be a lot of time you’ve lost.

Instead, hammer out the details of the video completely before you start creating it. Firmly understand what the goal of the video is, and what platforms it will be used on; you don’t want to be creating a general video, decide to use it on Twitter, and then have it be 20 seconds too long.

You also want to have your script completed and the video’s concepts fully fleshed out. If you’ve hired a graphic designer for an explainer video, approve all the design mock-ups before they go through and animate an entire 60-second video.

This will save you a lot of money in the long run, no matter how you’re approaching the creation process.

2. Keep the Video as Short as Possible

This is almost always a good practice when it comes to video marketing: you want your video to be as short as possible while still getting the point across and providing value. Videos over two minutes long typically suffer significantly in viewer retention, after all, and you’d be surprised just how much you can accomplish even in a sixty-second-or-less video like the one below.

This also offers you the benefit of having less video to create, film, and edit. If you’re making an effort to consistently make two-minute videos instead of five-minute videos, you’ll save a lot of time and money.

3. Choose Low-Cost Visual Options

Think about how much it costs to hire actors to come and run through the script and film your landing page video. Even if you’ve only hired three actors, that’s three extra people that you’re paying, and it adds up quickly. For most small businesses, it’s not sustainable.

Similarly, custom-made animated videos might be more affordable than hiring a video crew and actors, but it still doesn’t Go to the full article.

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