6 Tips for Marketers Using Instagram Stories

By Deep Patel

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There’s no dispute that Snapchat is the progenitor of the Story feature. However, since Snapchat debuted the widely-used tool back in 2013, this brand of content has been making its rounds and appearing in all shapes and sizes on various social media platforms.

The most notable of these alternatives exists on Instagram in the form of Instagram Stories. Despite the similar name and premise, Instagram Stories has recently exceeded all activity on Snapchat, reaching over 250 million daily users in total. Instagram‘s success over Snapchat can be attributed to a number of reasons, including more business-oriented features and the potential for much larger audiences in general.

Although Snapchat has very much retained its place as the premier casual communication social media app, Instagram Stories hold a lot of potential for successful marketing and increasing brand visibility. In the interest of fully capitalizing on the power of Instagram Stories, here are 6 tips for getting the most of the tool’s many built-in features.

1. Adding a Story.

Before you can create fresh, innovative content to drive up traffic and increase your brand’s total followers, you must first learn how to post Stories in their most basic form. Only from there can you tinker with editing features to create a more enticing experience for your followers.

The two existing methods for posting Instagram Stories are clicking on your profile icon or selecting the camera icon in the top left corner of your main feed. Once you’ve selected either of these options, you can record a short video, take a photo, or upload your own media from your camera roll to be edited and outfitted for consumers and followers to view.

2. Editing your media.

After selecting the photo or video you want to post to your Story, choose from several editing options to make your media more appealing to broader audiences. Just as offered in Snapchat, Instagram provides a multitude of easy-to-access filters for your Story.

To apply a new filter to your media, simply swipe to the sides until you’ve found one suitable for your Story, and that’s it. Although simply changing the color scheme of your media may not seem like that big of a deal, the right filters will make certain features and colors more apparent and make your Stories more memorable in general.

3. Using stickers and geotags.

As an alternative to the simplicity of filters, Instagram Stories also offers stickers and geotags to round out photo and video. Unlike the rigid geofilters native to Snapchat, Instagram’s stickers are completely mobile and resizeable.

Adding stickers is as easy as dragging one into place on the photo or pinning one to a certain point in the video. In addition, geotags also provide helpful context to Stories created for the purpose of social media marketing.

Geotags have all the same properties as normal stickers, making the Instagram sticker experience exceedingly customizeable when compared to other platforms with similar Story features. As a small note, special hashtag stickers can also be Go to the full article.

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