6 Step Process to Amazing Infographic Design

By Andy Williams

By now, most of us are familiar with the term “infographic.” You have seen them populating your social media channels, you have read your fair share of them, and you know how engaging they can be for your audience. But what does it take to create one, from start to finish? Outlined in this blog post are the six key steps to amazing infographic design.

Step 1: Choose your topic and research your audience.

Before looking at your data, think about a topic and an audience with whom it can resonate. Who do you want to target? Who do you think would enjoy reading more about this topic? How does your audience engage with your content? You can also decide on the CTA at this point, as you will need to know the purpose of the infographic, and how you want to engage the reader.

Step 2: Take a look at your data and consolidate it.

What does your data tell you and how does this relate to your chosen topic? What are the most impressive statistics that you want to highlight? What is the main point that you are trying to prove? These are the things that are going to drive your infographic so it is important to figure out these points early on in the process.

Also, try looking for trends in your data and anything that immediately stands out. Highlight anything you see that could become key talking points of the infographic, as they can become the core building blocks of the entire piece. For example, if you are creating an infographic on “the best times to post on social media” then you will want to look for data around interactions, impressions, and shares. You could pull one impressive stat from here, such as “80 percent of professionals read Twitter between 12:00pm and 2:00pm,” then break it down further to tell a story (such as their locations, devices they are using, etc).

It would be impossible for you to take all the data that you have and put it into one cohesive infographic, so it’s definitely worth taking that time to sift through it all and pick out those eye-catching statistics and key talking points. These elements combined with your selected topic will become the cornerstone of your infographic.

Step 3: Craft the copy.

At this point, you are trucking along nicely. You have your data, you have your topic, and you know your audience. The next key component to any successful infographic is the copy. This is the step where all of that impressive data you have collected gets broken down into digestible chunks for the reader.

Crafting an engaging narrative is not only helpful to the reader, but it is also vital to the designer who will be constructing the infographic. If the designer can understand the data, then they can display that data in the same way for the reader, with a little polish!

Step 4: Design!

Your designer plays a crucial role in this entire process. Once the copydeck is handed off, they Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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