6 Social Media Marketing Mishaps to Avoid & Why Hiring a Professional is Smart

By Laura Donovan

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95% of online adults age 18 to 34 are most likely to follow businesses on Social Media. Over 70% of online adults age 18 and 65 and over are using Social Media.

Users are tapping Social Media to get their news, research products, read reviews, connect with brands and businesses for information, find special offers and coupons, connect with friends, network with business colleagues, participate in special interest groups, and so much more.

Social Media is now mainstream. Businesses, large or small, no longer have the option of using Social Media, it is now a requirement for future success. If you want your business to be relevant you need to use Social Media.

Unfortunately, many business decision makers have no idea how to properly leverage Social Media for success. Mistakes are made and even with the best intentions Social Media efforts can be useless and sometimes even harmful.

Here are 6 of the most common Social Media mishaps to avoid and why hiring a professional Social Marketer is the best decision.

1. Misinterpreting the Intent

Social Media Marketing and Advertising is more than just posting a link to an article or posting coupons and specials. The Social sites provide analytics and insights into your account’s followers. Learning the demographics of your accounts is important in deciding what to post and when to post it. Additionally, learning what your audience wants to see and is most interested in is valuable to understand what to post to keep your followers around and to encourage them to engage with your business.

When the proper content is posted and your followers are engaged and interested your business will generate a positive reputation and attract new followers, all of which helps to potentially convert these folks into paying customers.

2. Misreading the ROI

Posting an update or running an ad does not mean certain sales. Social Media provides the vehicle to drive people to your website or your store to convert the sale. Additionally, updates and ads are primarily to introduce your business to an audience, to generate interest in your products/services, and to improve online visibility. If people are following your Social accounts, clicking on your ads, commenting on your updates you are doing it right. The more you stay in front of people the more likely they are to buy from your business.

3. Not Targeting the Right Market

There are so many Social sites to choose from. Each site is different, with their own unique audience and their own way of engaging with users. It is important to understand your business’ targeted demographic and figure out the Social site that these folks are using. Focusing your message to the right people makes sense.

Drilling down even further, most of the sites allow you to target very specific demographics within their platform. Facebook ads and updates allow businesses to select from a variety of criteria to ensure your message is reaching the exact people who will benefit most.

Using the wrong Social site or running an ad to the wrong audience Go to the full article.

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