6 Social Media Automation Tools to Upgrade Your Content Strategy

By Disha Dinesh

A handful of promotions

Many marketers spend hours creating content, only to share it a few times before moving on to the next post. What good is brilliantly composed content when limited to a handful of promotions?

Think about it.

Email marketing has drip campaigns, where marketers create a lifecycle of emails to go out at an automated schedule so every prospect is engaged.

Why not do the same for your social media marketing?

  • You’re constantly acquiring new followers, who haven’t seen your old, but still relevant and useful, blog posts.
  • When you share on social, your reach is limited to a fraction of your followers. The rest of them may never see your posts.
  • Multiple views ingrain overall messages better than fleeting one-time glances. If you have an important message, you might want your followers to see it more than once.

That’s why you need to build organized content reservoirs, where you can store your content assets and reuse them from time to time.

Why many marketers shy away from social media automation

Creating a content promotion schedule that spans weeks or months can help generate more engagement, traffic and revenue. Yet, few content marketers wholeheartedly adopt the strategy. Why?

Fear of spamming

In communication, push-sharing the same “promotional” messages multiple times is considered rude and spam-y.

However, considering the fact that each share reaches about 1% of your followers, this isn’t something you should worry about. To increase your reach, you need to share content more than just once.

Time constraints

Say you want to share a blog post on the day you publish it and every day after, for the first two weeks. Manually sharing it or even scheduling it can be tiresome and time-consuming.

There are however, social media automation tools that give you content libraries, so you can store posts and reuse them over a period of time, or let you identify and reshare popular posts. This list names a few.

My 6 favorite social media automation tools


Although Buffer doesn’t offer libraries, it lets you identify your most popular posts (using analytics), and reshare them using “ReBuffer”.

You could also reuse mentions saved in your Mention digests by scheduling them out via Buffer once every while.


DrumUp is a social media scheduling tool that also acts as a content reservoir. You can store content in libraries and source it from RSS feeds or keyword-based content suggestions.

Each of these streams can be set on “auto-post” at a chosen frequency, so your social media queues are never left unattended or empty.


Sendible lets you create content libraries and designate “contributors” and “consumers,” so they can help you curate content.

The tool also provides keyword-related content suggestions that you can save to libraries and schedule. “SmartQueues” help you share content consistently.


MeetEdgar lets you auto-post content from libraries that you build. You can store custom content or RSS feed posts in your libraries.

The tool lets you create content promotion schedules or “time slots” that it Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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