6 Signs You Need to Start Tracking Your PR ROI Better

By Joei Chan

Get people to say nice things about your brand.

That’s what PR is. Simple concept, really.

Unfortunately, this simple concept is rather hard to execute. It’s not all after work drinks and glamorous parties.

On top of networking, PR teams are always busy writing press releases, sending outreach emails, launching social media campaigns, and more. And it’s so easy to get drowned in these daily tasks that you lose sight of the most important – the ROI.

How good do you think your PR efforts are? Awesome? So-so?

If your answer is “uh…not sure,” then you might want to slow down, take a break, and read these six signs we’ve identified for PR teams that need better PR ROI tracking:

6 signs you need to better tracking for your PR ROI:

If any of these statements describes you, you might want to start tracking your PR efforts and ROI better.

1. Your brand isn’t getting PR coverage or driving online discussions

It’s not that people don’t like your brand. It’s that they don’t even know it exists. Not being talked about is every PR executive’s worst nightmare. Even bad publicity is better than no publicity.

You just launched the best product in the world that your whole team spent 5 months developing?

Nobody cares.

It’s not your fault. Or is it?

You’re doing everything. Product launches, webinars, social media campaigns, and a lot of blog posts – but people just don’t seem to care. Journalists aren’t writing about you, and that dedicated hashtag you created for your campaign was used just by you and your coworkers.

When you’re not getting (enough) brand coverage or discussions, some possible culprits might be:

  • Not targeting the right audience
  • Not promoting in the right channels
  • Not reaching the right influencers

Or, your product/service is just bad…

Just kidding – but if your brand isn’t getting the coverage you want even though your team is working their butts off, that’s the biggest sign that you need to track your PR efforts and ROI better.

2. You don’t know what’s driving the buzz

Assuming you do get some coverage and online buzz for your brand or campaign. You got featured in some major publications, and your campaign hashtag is trending on Twitter.

But was it a fluke? Do you know what or who’s driving the buzz? Can you reproduce it or amplify the effects?

giphy 5

Great PR professionals know that great companies build brands for the long-term. And you can’t rely on luck forever. So if you managed to get online coverage or a lot of buzz, you need to know whether it’s driven by:

  • Current customers who love your products or services?
  • Influencers or journalists you’re working with?
  • Influencers or journalists you didn’t know?
  • Random people?

Simply put, you can’t double down or do more of what’s working, if you don’t know what it is.

3. You don’t know how successful your current PR efforts are

You may have an awesome, hard-working team that’s spending days and nights launching campaigns and reaching out to influencers on different channels to get more buzz for your brand.

But you can’t tell Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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