6 Reasons Why I Love Writing Resumes

By Amanda Clark

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As a professional writer — and the owner of a writing business — I can tell you that my day usually consists of a wide variety of different sorts of projects. Throw in running a business, overseeing remote employees, and well, my days are full, to say the absolute least. Stopping to take a breath the other day, I was reflecting on what projects and activities give me the most joy. Now, I can tell you that overall, one of my greatest sources of happiness is working for myself — but I know that not everyone is in the same boat, and that to some, their day-to-day is truly a grind. This is what spurred me to think in depth about my role as a resume writer — and why I love doing it.

1. You Get to Learn About Another Person’s Hopes and Dreams.

I believe in my heart that everyone aspires to something in life. Each one of us wants to feel valued, rewarded, and meaningful in some way. Now, maybe not all of us are destined to run Fortune 500 companies or lead a country, but I’d venture a guess that the majority of us want to make an impact — and not simply drift through life. As a resume writer, I get to hear about the goals and aspirations of others. I am allowed a glimpse inside their world, and I am very grateful that so many people have trusted me with this information. Think about it — there is a certain level of vulnerability that anyone would feel when opening up to another person about what makes them tick and where they see themselves in the future. I get to listen to those goals— and then I get to put myself in their shoes and wordsmith their resume, hopefully helping them take the next step in making their dreams a reality.

2. You Get to Help Families Do Better.

I have recently worked with several job seekers who have been frank about why they need a new job. “If I am considered for this opportunity, and then end up getting it, my family’s future will be changed.” How powerful is that!?! While this might also seem intimidating (and it is at times if I’m being honest), it’s also very motivating. I love having the chance to help a mom or a dad take that next step, because in turn, I realize that it doesn’t only mean the possibility of a bigger paycheck. There is more to it than money alone. Ultimately, maybe a son or a daughter gets to pursue a new hobby, or the family will have the means to go on a trip where they experience something new. Or maybe it’s more basic than that — maybe a step up the career ladder ensures that there is always food on the table, the bills are paid, and the family feels more secure. Maybe Mom and/or Dad simply get to have more flexible hours, weekends off, or are allowed more time to be with their family.

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