6 Online Businesses Crushing it on Instagram

By Nicole Blanckenberg

Starbucks instagram account

There is no doubt that Instagram is an exposure powerhouse. In March of this year, Facebook bragged that Instagram had reached 1 million active monthly advertisers. And users? April’s tally put Instagram at 700 million active monthly users. For any size eCommerce store, Instagram is becoming a vital component of content marketing plans which, if used correctly, can bring in traffic galore.

Instagram requires something a little different than other social platforms. To win on Instagram, online stores need to diversify their content, be consistent and engaging with posts and followers, and above all, be authentic and human. Three things that even the biggest brands, like Instagram giant Starbucks, need to do to crush Instagram —

Here are my five golden Intagram rules:

  • UGC is king – involve your customers
  • Speak your target audience’s language
  • Sell the lifestyle, not the product
  • Show off your brand’s human side
  • Keep your content fresh, clean and pretty

To explain further, here are six online businesses crushing it on Instagram.

Fit Girls Takes Instagram UGC to the MAX

leading eCommerce instagram account

If you’re looking for customer engagement inspiration, then Fit Girls show us how it’s done, having five times more followers than eCommerce giant, Amazon. Getting your customers and followers engaged with content can do wonders for growing your account, building brand trust and maximizing exposure – which leads to more traffic to your site. There are a few UGC tools you can use to encourage user posts that you can engage with and share on your brand’s account, including owning hashtags. For these and other juice UGC tips, check out our 5 Tools to Increase UGC post.

Just look at the awesome engagement their regrammed posts bring!

Brands that Speak Their Customers’ Lingo

winning ecommerce brands on instagram

If you are looking for a brand example that really knows how to connect to their target audience, then geeky-heaven store Loot Crate is it. They know what their audience loves: they know how to be just the right kind of quirky that appeals to potential customers, and it shows. Their Instagram is a reflection of this and their down-to-earth geek-lover-to-geek-lover approach is on the money.

Another brand that knows how to speak the language is Budgie Smuggler.

They are one of those brands that you’re either going to love (if you’re in the their target market) or despise. Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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