6 Landing Page Test Ideas You Need to Try

By Brad Smith

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More doesn’t always equal more – the infamous Jam Study first taught us this lesson over a decade ago.

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Choice invariably leads to more choice, decisions to indecision. Overthinking leads to worse productivity, less creativity, and exhausted willpower. And when it comes to ad campaigns and landing pages, an exhausted customer is the last thing you want.

Sometimes, the key to maximizing your landing page conversions is streamlining: less is more. Other times, a simple change to your CTA or a more personalized targeting strategy is what’s required.

Looking to squeeze more conversions out of your landing pages? Let’s take a look at six landing page tests you can try to get better results.

1. Set the right expectations with your button copy

“You can have a very beautiful thing to say, but say it in the wrong words and it’s gone,” says public speaking champion Mohammed Qahtani. Here’s how applying this knowledge to a landing page can impact a campaign:

Culligan, a water filtration company, wanted to find out which phrase would perform better in a landing page: “Get A Quote” or “Get Pricing.” What could possibly be the difference? Well, three weeks of testing declared “Get A Quote” the clear winner, with a whopping 104% increase in form submissions.

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Here’s the rationale:

While both CTAs ultimately mean the same thing – obtain pricing details – the words “quote” and “pricing” make people expect different things.

Anyone who’s ever been on a first date knows expectations can be a tricky deal. The “Get A Quote” CTA sets the right expectations early. People knew what they were getting into before clicking—that they were going to fill out a form, speak to a sales rep, and obtain a personalized pricing list.

The people who clicked the “Get Pricing” button, on the other hand, expected to be redirected to a pricing page, period. These people didn’t realize there was a lot more work involved. And “more work” isn’t exactly at the top of anyone’s priority list.

Are you sure your CTA button text sets prospect expectations? If you’re not sure, test!

2. Cater to timely, local interests

Boxing fans know that May 2, 2015 was the day Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines got into the ring with American boxer Floyd Mayweather. The “Beat the May weather!” campaign from McDonald’s was a hit in Pacquiao’s home country. It even won advertising awards for brand awareness.

Here’s a look at one of the ads:

local landing page test ideas

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If you’re not aware of the climate pattern in the Philippines, you might scratch your head and think the guys at McDonald’s messed up Floyd’s surname. But the months of April and May are the height of summer in the Philippines, when the temperature can go as high as 43 degrees Celsius (about 109 Fahrenheit). McDonald’s piggybacked on the Pacquiao-Mayweather narrative to build better brand awareness for its McFlurry product.

Clever, right?

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