6 Different Types of Social Media Videos You Need to Be Using

By Ana Gotter

Close your eyes for a second, and think about the last social media video that you remember seeing. If you’re like a large majority of daily social media users, it’s probably a video that you saw within the last few hours.

What was the video?

Was it a tutorial showing you how to make easy chicken parmesan, or a video from a business explaining why they work with certain nonprofits? Or maybe it was an interview with a CEO or thought leader that you look up to.

There are so many different types of social media videos, and realistically, any type of business, brand, or nonprofit could (and should) use all of them. In this post, we’re going to go over 6 different types of social media videos all businesses should be using.

Why You Need Multiple Types of Social Media Videos

Social media videos are one of the most engaging mediums to tell your brand’s story and then share it with thousands of interested users. By using several different types of videos, you can provide value in different ways, engaging different niches of users within your target audience.

types of social media videos

Social videos help flesh out your business in the eyes of your customers. This, in turn, helps establish stronger and more concrete relationships. Since videos are the best medium for storytelling and users remember and emotionally respond to stories, it only makes sense that diverse types of videos will help you tell your story in different ways.

1. Tutorial Videos

Tutorials are immensely value to your followers, and they can be particularly beneficial to you if you’re able to feature or mention your product somehow within it. Tutorials provide actionable, informational value to viewers, which is why I have something like 26 different tutorials saved from my Facebook feed right now. Yes, a lot of them include food, but there’s also videos on everything from “how to use Facebook’s power editor” to “how to execute a perfect round kick.

I’ve saved more tutorials than any other type of social video. Why? Because they give me information that I not only want to use now, but refer back to later. These videos are a resource of knowledge that I intended to refer back to. Who wouldn’t want that for their brand?

To create a high-performing social media tutorial video, make sure you break down each part of the tutorial into distinct steps. You can even use text clues to announce these section separations, and provide extra snippets of information.

2. Interviews and Q&As

Social media videos containing interviews typically take two forms. The first is where there are two people on screen, with one being the interviewer and the other being the Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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