6 Benefits of Hiring an Inbound Marketing Consultant

By Ryan Ruud

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Inbound marketing is a lot more than a buzzword or a trendy way to talk about marketing strategy. It’s a process and approach to driving growth and creating momentum in a modern, measurable, and scalable way. For organizations looking to up the ante in their sales, inbound marketing can be a great solution. Companies that follow the inbound process have been shown to be 4x more effective in driving revenue and hitting sales goals.

What’s involved in inbound marketing?

At a high level, inbound marketing focuses on attracting traffic, converting traffic to leads, and nurturing leads to new sales and opportunities. This may sound easy enough but the inbound process includes a variety of moving parts. For example, it can include ongoing strategy, research and analysis, creating and updating content, content promotion, reporting and optimization, email marketing, social media, ad campaigns and more.

If that seems like a lot to swallow for a small- or medium-sized organization, you’re right. Many large companies also struggle to effectively get all of the pieces of the inbound machine moving. It takes time, but at a 4x payout it’s worth the effort. One of the ways to stack the deck in your favor is to consider working with an inbound marketing consultant or partner.

Here are the top reasons and benefits for considering an extra hand for your inbound marketing efforts.

There’s a lack of resources

As I mentioned above, there’s a lot that needs to happen to get inbound marketing humming. For organizations that don’t have the budget to hire a team to plan and execute, a consultant or a partner can bring the necessary resources and usually at a cost that’s more economical. (More on that in a moment.) You’re not alone: lack of resources (staff, funding, and time) continues to be a major hurdle to achieving lead and revenue goals for more than 60% of B2B marketers.

You don’t understand mechanics

Maybe you understand the principle: attract traffic, give them a reason to convert, nurture them into customers, etc.—but you don’t entirely understand how the sausage is made. A consultant or partner should and can make sure the important parts are functioning.

Benefit from their experience

Consultants and partners have experience across diverse industries and trying different approaches to attracting traffic, converting to leads, and nurturing into new opportunities. This diverse set of experiences can come in handy as the strategy hits brick walls and you need to come up with new ideas to test.

Get comprehensive planning

Having someone who can come in from the outside and look at the whole plan objectively can be a big help. Sometimes being in the day to day of all the other things you have to do can get overwhelming. This can make the planning and execution of inbound fall low on an ever-growing checklist of to- dos and the best of intentions eventually end up resulting in bad performance.

Spread out the cost

With an inbound consultant or partner, costs can often be spread out. A consultant will have resources that are Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community

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