6 Back To School Campaign Ideas To Kick Start The New Term

By Francesca Heath


As we approach the final month of the summer holidays it’s slowly dawning on us that soon it will be back to school time! Time to shine those shoes and sharpen them pencils as soon enough we will all be hearing that good old school bell ringing. To help you kick off the school year right we have brainstormed some of the best back to school campaign ideas for you to get inspired by.

1. Study Jams

Whether you’re cramming for exam season, researching an essay, or simply grinding through day-to-day schoolwork, having a great study soundtrack can make all the difference. The right choice of songs will help transform hours of academic chores into audible delights. Craft the perfect playlist simply by having students build their own signature soundtrack based upon the answers to a simple personality quiz that caters to their mood and musical tastes. Once they’ve completed the quiz, the campaign generates a tailor (not Swift) made Spotify playlist to share, compare with friends, and pump out of their “boomboxes”. So whether you’re tackling equations to K.Dot and Biggie, or penning a poem with the help of Drake and the Chili Peppers, the Study Jamz app has your every mood covered.

2. Best Homework Excuse

We have all been there. That moment when you get to class and realize that the writing assignment due in mere moments was not nearly as interesting as what you did last night. Time to think on your toes and come up with a college-worthy excuse. Why not try a homework excuse campainge, where entrants can share their most creative excuses for a chance to win. You can have the option to curate entries and publish the best to a public gallery enabling fans, followers and visitors to vote on their favorites. Settings include public voting, closed-judging or combinations with one or more phases. Sadly for kids these days it’s hard for the dog to eat essays saved in the cloud. Perhaps try: ‘teacher; the dog ate my router’.

Homwork Excuse

3. Decorate your Dorm

The long summer is over and all around the world many of the best and brightest are heading off to college dorms and shared apartments. Swapping those home comforts for a first real home-away-from-home isn’t easy, but students never fail to come up with creative, and often ingenious, ways to make any place their own. Challenge those students for hints, tips, and even photos on how to best lifehack a space: be it fancy lights, poster boards filled with memories, or perhaps just by scribbling code on their window. Entrants will be able to share their photos and tips either by tweeting, posting to Instagram, or submitting via a form. Also with one of our Service Expansions, show the most popular and commonly used products on a Trending Visualization, linking items here directly to your university e-commerce store. Reward participating students with a chance to win some book coupons, or perhaps a pizza. They’ll thank you for the pizza.

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