50+ Split Test Ideas for A/B Testing Your Cold Email Campaigns

By Josh Slone

Need some ideas for improving your cold email response rates? Here are over 50 different split test ideas you can implement!

There are two rules when it comes to split testing emails.

  1. You should ALWAYS be testing something (never send one version of an email).
  2. And you should NEVER run multiple tests in a single run.

This post is meant to be a MONSTER list of split test ideas that B2B businesses can run with their cold email campaigns. We want to actually give you all the split test ideas you need to encourage and provoke you until you are always trying to test things.

Let’s go over our two rules a bit then get into the meat of this guide.

Split Testing Emails: Always and Never

Pretty easy to remember, right? Always and Never.

Again, you should ALWAYS be testing something, but make sure you NEVER test all kinds of things at once. Doing one thing at a time will help you know exactly what is working and what isn’t.

The reason you should focus on one thing at a time? So you know specifically what worked and what didn’t. Keeping track of “winners” and “losers” in each test will seriously move the needle on all of the key metrics of your campaigns.

However, if you try something in the subject line and also in the first sentence, how will you know which one made the positive or negative change?

Answer; you can’t.

So, make sure you constantly run single tests to a batch of recipients and keep a good tally of the results. Our list is full of tests that are both self-explanatory and those that’ll need a bit of know how to pull off. For the more complex tests, we’ve included a bit of a tutorial as well as tons of bonus resources throughout.

Hopefully, you’ll bookmark this post and really dig deep into your cold email campaigns.

Now, onto the list of split test ideas.

Subject Line Split Test Ideas

1. Length of Subject Line

Bit of an obvious one here. The rule is usually shorter, but there are a lot of exceptions here. There is lot of research done on this very thing. Take a look at this screenshot from a study done by ReturnPath.

split test ideas

(Source: ReturnPath)

Here’s a great read from Campaign Monitor to help you determine your ideal subject line length.

2. Lowercase Subject Line

Writers (like me) always like to capitalize the first letter of every word in a title. That said, sometimes it’s not welcome. For instance, on Reddit, posts that capitalize every word typically perform worse than those that are written like a sentence.

The more technical crowd seem to appreciate this. So, on one batch of emails try a test between something like, Your Staffing Issues are Solved, [First Name] and Your staffing issues are solved, [First Name].

3. Subject Line Personalization with First Name: This one is fairly self explanatory. Try two variations of an email. One with the first name in the subject line aaannnnd the other without. Got it?

4. Subject Line Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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