5 Ways To Make Vertical Video Work For You

By Sahail Ashraf

5 Ways To Make Vertical Video Work For You

Vertical video.

Now that’s a phrase that you don’t hear very often. The two words that until very recently symbolised an outdated view of how to manage video online. Marketers would hear the two words and laugh, or at the very least pretend they didn’t hear them.

Video has been traditionally horizontal or ‘landscape’. This is because people like watching movies in landscape, and it wasn’t until mobile social media became huge that marketers finally realised that vertical video is not only a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal, it is even a preferred approach for some large brands.

If you’re not investing in creating good vertical video, there could be a problem. The biggest misconception among marketers was that mobile users would rather turn their phones ninety degrees than watch a vertical. But that is no longer true.

‘Why vertical videos are bad’

Okay, this is an old Gizmodo article, but it just shows how the general online marketing and entertainment community thought vertical video was a huge mistake.

It is even compared to using a tablet for a camera in this article. But things have changed. Now, the ‘pillarbox’ feel anxiety has vanished, and people are turning to vertical video with a vengeance. The old complaint is that vertical looked bad, and it was so much easier to turn the phone sideways and get a clear and full picture.

Now phones (and let’s be honest, that’s how much of the world accesses social media) are used vertically most of the time. People simply don’t have the attention span required to turn their phone sideways and settle into a video. Snapchat, for example, wouldn’t be what it is without vertical video. And neither would Instagram.

But that doesn’t mean that shooting vertical video is easy. Take a look at the following tips to help you grab five quick and easy wins with vertical.

Keep it short, real short

Videos never really need to be too long on social media anyway, but a short vertical video will win over everything else nine times out of ten.

Basically, if you have a number of short videos that are vertical, they can be viewed quickly and easily by your audience. This is easy and practical, and it fits in with the Snapchat and Instagram crowd, who want something quick that diverts their attention.

With brands, it’s about taking the message and breaking it down (into multiple short videos) or making your message last a short amount of time. We think anything over ten seconds (the Snapchat effect?) is too long. Short and vertical is what works.

Keep Videos Short

Make it original

Vertical video is not necessarily easy to create. If it was then everyone would be winning awards with it. But if you go down the wrong path and try and palm off some old content from YouTube (yes, people do this) which has obviously been created for a different aspect ratio, your audience will notice.

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Source:: Business 2 Community

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