5 Ways to Improve Your Website Quality Today

By Susan Gilbert

5 Ways to Improve Your Website Quality Today

5 Steps to Bring Up the Quality of Your Website

Has your website traffic been in decline?

Do you want to increase your website quality and subscribers?

Great content that both search engines and visitors love is the beginning to attracting signups who can be converted into leads.

An attractive responsive design is the first point of attraction with website speed coming in at a close second. In order to stand out from the rest your business needs to have the latest technology and elements in place. According to Rare Form New Media, most customers who visit a company’s website on a mobile device will make a call or visit within 24 hours.

Here are a few tips to follow in order to attract more visitors and a higher search engine ranking:

1. Check your website content quality

If your articles are not original, engaging, and informative then you won’t be seeing any action from the search engines, which can greatly reduce your subscriber rate. A second factor is too much text with not enough graphics, videos, and breaking points. In fact, the posts that get read and shared are shorter in length — 1,600 words is ideal for a lengthy article. Content errors are another credibility blow to your brand reputation and can be commented on within your blog and on social media.

2. Adjust readability to increase website quality

Double check your headline with a popular checker such as CoSchedule or Sharethrough to make sure your topic is clear and catches the reader’s eye. The body of your text should include easy-to-read bite sized chunks. Remember that many people read articles on their devices on smaller screens — you want to make this as simple as possible and get the point right away. Google will also take notice of copy that is well received.

3. Show statistics and infographics

People are drawn to well-researched facts and figures that show them exactly how to solve a problem.

When you include professional graphics your content visibility will increase. Make it easy to share your visuals with prominent social sharing buttons and an embed code at the bottom of your infographic.

Tweak your website content according to the topics your audience responds most to and measure your results on social media in places like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

4. Choose your opt-in box wisely

Potential customers are naturally drawn to colors when perusing a website. This establishes a recognizable brand when the right scheme is used, especially on your opt-in box. Kissmetrics points out that this can contribute to consumer confidence when they know that your business is consistent and professional.

It pays to do some research for your target market to find which colors they are attracted to the most. When you include these in your opt-in box design this will be the first section they will see, which could mean more signups.

5. Include real results

With so much competition out there your potential customers want to know Go to the full article.

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