5 Ways to Get Creative with Customization

By Peter Sheldon

Customizing the shopping experience can help you stand out from your competition and increase Customer Lifetime Value, site conversion, and revenue. A Bain & Company survey of 1,000+ online shoppers found 25-30 percent of consumers are interested in customization options. Here are five brands that are getting creative with customization.

1. Understand Customer Requirements

Widely known for their impeccable lighting and furniture collections, Tom Dixon wanted to defy industry conventions with customization that met the requirements of their designer and architect consumers. Tom Dixon reached across the table. They made it possible for customers to create their own products online, including tables, upholstery, and pendant systems. Customers can also download CAD files to incorporate Tom Dixon accents in their in-house designs. And by customizing product pages suited to the needs of designers and architects, Tom Dixon exceeded customer expectations resulting in a 31 percent increase in conversion.

2. Specialize Products for Brand Enthusiasts

Wistia video thumbnail - Brown Forman

Brown-Forman’s Jack Daniel’s is rich in brand history and has an enthusiastic following. They wanted to provide a custom experience to their loyal UK shoppers. In addition to featuring products that were harder to find in the regional market, Brown-Forman added a product engraving option to specialty lines and products. This helped to further build the relationship with brand enthusiasts and reach their goal of giving every customer the opportunity to be a friend of “Jack’s.”

3. Celebrate Individuality

Creativity and craftsmanship are at the core of Oliver Sweeney’s products. They wanted to extend that character to their customers digitally. Nothing is more personal than a tattoo, so the brand decided to offer a custom leather tattooing option for their shoes. Oliver Sweeney now employs a fulltime tattoo artist to personalize leather purchases for customers. Today they tattoo 1,000+ shoes a year for unique and individual customer styles.

4. Simplify for Repeat Purchasing

The family-owned wine and food basket company, Virginia Hayward, knew their products were a personal choice. The brand decided to customize their label designer with high-quality preset designs. Now, when a customer generates a message for their gift, they have a fully-flexible message editor with a toolset of fonts, colors, and formatting options. And because the message is so important, they implemented a real-time preview. Customization additions, including the personalized label designer, have helped increase the brand’s conversion rate by 98 percent.

5. Anticipate Customer Needs

The leading kitchen, bath, and home product retailer, Signature Hardware, found success selling high-value items, but the finite nature of home improvement projects resulted in low repeat purchase rates. Using data from Magento Business Intelligence, Signature Hardware employed creative merchandising to market to customers with a high customer lifetime value. Using this strategy, Signature Hardware increased customer cart size by promoting pieces that match items already in a customer’s cart.

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Source:: Business 2 Community

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