5 Social Media Certifications That’ll Win More ‘Likes” for Your Digital Marketing Resume

By Mark Miller

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Just a few years ago, social media was on every digital marketer’s mind as the “big new thing” that was going to transform customer engagement and online marketing.

Since then we’ve moved past the hype and on to newer, flashier tactics and tools. But social remains a powerful cornerstone of almost any comprehensive digital strategy; one that continues to evolve as social networks rise and fall and new features are added to established players.

Nearly every facet of modern digital marketing involves social in some way. And likewise, a successful social strategy relies on integration across the marketing program and throughout an entire business, even for a specialized firm like a Facebook advertising agency.

That’s why, no matter what field you’re in, it’s valuable to stay on top of social media trends and keep the relevant skills sharp as you develop your digital marketing career. It’s also why an experienced digital marketing recruiter or smart hiring manager will value candidates who have proven experience and training with social media marketing.

Looking for a way to stand apart from (and above) competition for a hot marketing job? Consider adding some of these certifications to your pedigree to show your dedication and expertise.

Hootsuite Social Media Certifications

Hootsuite has been one of the major players in social media automation and marketing for years now. It offers a suite of certification options of various levels and specializations.


Basic Hootsuite Platform Certification runs $99, though you can take all the training for the platform here for free. The certification fee is a one-time payment.

Hootsuite offers more elaborate, and more expensive options detailing advanced topics like Social Selling and a “Social for Healthcare” certification. The priciest is a collaborative Advanced Social Media Strategy certification with Newhouse School topping out at $999.


These certifications are based on completion of a test, and do not expire once acquired. If you don’t meet a minimum score for the test, you can continue retaking it.

Twitter Flight School

Twitter offers two courses for its users to optimize their presence on its platform. The first is aimed at marketing thought leaders looking to develop their personal brand and establish a following on Twitter. The second caters to marketing strategists looking to use it as a marketing, customer engagement, and sales channel.


Both programs are available at no cost to Twitter users who log in. Twitter will also ask for some personal and professional information, like where you work, before granting access.


The certification programs are extremely short; clocking in at an estimated 10 minutes for the Executive Leadership Course and about 60 for Marketing Leadership. Given that, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a lot of groundbreaking insights within or blow away a savvy social or digital marketing recruiter who’s seen it a million times. Still; with a price like that you have little to lose!

MediaBistro Social Media Certifications

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MediaBistro offers a suite of social media-related Go to the full article.

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