5 Simple Ways Your Leadership Can Improve Employee Engagement

By Paul Keijzer

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Like any good leader knows, improving and enhancing your company’s overall performance is directly linked to how engaged your talent is. To truly engage them you’ll need higher emotional and rational commitment from them and align them to the company’s vision, strategy, purpose and delivery of results. And for this to happen, employees, managers and the HR department all need to step up and take various initiatives that are consistent with the ideology that higher levels of engagement is fundamentally a necessity, rather than just something that’s a textbook requirement. But above all, the leaders have to do their part even more.

A question that arises for most is why spend so much time and resources in trying to engage employees? What’s the benefit that we, as an organization, can derive from it? Well to put it simply, if you were to create an environment of highly engaged employees you’ll successfully have employees:

  1. Stay with your organization,
  2. Speak highly of your organization, and
  3. Strive to achieve more than just their call of duty.

When you look at it holistically, it’s not just the employees that’ll benefit by being engaged – your organization gains a lot of value from its engaged workforce. You’ll see this with increased financial performance, customer satisfaction, quality output, productivity, creativity and innovation. There’s no secret that happier employees are the ingredients of a successful organization.

As a leader, you’ll need to do more than just “lead”. You solely are responsible to facilitate the enhancements in their engagement levels. Here’s how you can play your part:

1. Align Your Workforce

Having a vision and a dream that you hold near and dear to you isn’t going to help you achieve it. Your workforce is all working hard for a reason, right? And if that reason behind their efforts isn’t directed towards the vision you have then what’s all the effort for? As the leader, it’s your utmost priority to ensure your workforce is 100% aligned with the organization’s purpose. How else can you possibly expect them to be committed to their responsibilities? And it’s not just your senior or middle management that you’ll need to align. It’s everyone in your organization you’ll need to be engaging with to ensure they’re clear on the purpose, know what it’s all about and are emotionally tied to it. The aim here is to develop a sense of meaning and purpose in your workforce that excites them and keeps them striving for more.

2. Empower and Develop Managers

Probably the most important and pivotal group within your organization are your line managers. These are the individuals who engage with your workforce the most, regularly and on an ongoing basis. These are the influencers, motivators, performance enhancers, mentors, coaches and even role models that your workforce turn to for guidance and support. “Weak” and disengaged line managers could do the complete opposite of all that. You know what you can expect if that were the case. And that’s why it’s imperative for you to be selective when hiring your Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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