5 Secrets to Converting Visitors and Attract Customers

By Helen Cartwright

So much advice for business websites involves generating leads and securing loyal followers. Having a horde of raving fans is wonderful. It keeps you motivated, gives you consistent feedback and lets you know that you’re on the right track.

But, visitors alone don’t make your website profitable. You’ve already worked hard to generate traffic to your website, but that shouldn’t be the final goal. To become a profitable website, you need to turn those visitors into buyers.

According to HubSpot, only about 22 percent of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. Get your audience to click and pay for your products or services by nurturing your leads, optimizing your calls-to-action, using landing pages, enhancing your customer service and showing social proof.

Here are 5 secrets to optimizing your site for conversions.

Use Landing Pages

When you drive traffic to your website using advertisements, where do those leads end up? Have you noticed that they’re landing on your homepage but not converting?

Sending targeted leads to a generic web page is like hooking a fish without the equipment to reel it in.

Use landing pages to convert traffic into customers. These should include:

  • A clear and catchy headline relevant to the marketing materials that you used to bring in your audience.
  • Innovative and effective content
  • CTAs (calls-to-action) through which the visitors can be converted into buyers.

A sense of urgency can also help people make quick decisions. Build a little pressure by telling visitors that there are only a few spots left or using a countdown timer. You could also tell people that this is the last time that you’ll be offering a particular item or service.

Make it loud and clear for visitors that this offer is available for a limited time only. The only way out for them to grab it will be now!

Optimize Your Opt-In Forms

When you want a website visitor to take a certain action, keep your call-to-action simple. Although some email marketers recommend using a single call-to-action for each piece of content you create, others say that multiple CTAs can also drive conversions.

optin forms to attract customers

Whatever option you choose, ensure that your CTA is clear. Use concise language, bold colors and large fonts. The Shopify Buy Button is one example of a clear CTA that can be added to any website.

Shopifys green button attracts customers

Keep the primary call to action above the fold so that viewers don’t have to scroll to see it.

Also, don’t let your leads get distracted by offering too much on one page. If you have five links on which visitors can click to leave your web page, they’re less likely to convert than if you have one link to a primary CTA and one link to a secondary CTA.

Optimize email campaigns

Leads are important. However, you need to cultivate those leads to turn them into buyers.

Email campaigns are valuable for getting visitors to buy. And one form Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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