5 Quick Tips to Boost Your Amazon Seller Feedback (and Deal With the Negatives)

By Chris Dunne

Amazon Seller Reviews

Just how important is seller feedback to Amazon sellers?

Really important: A brilliant seller rating increases your sales for two simple reasons:

  1. It tells Amazon you’re a very reliable seller, and it’s a metric they’ll use to determine who wins more of the Buy Box.
  2. It builds trust with buyers, providing them with an instant visual cue as to how much better you are than your competition.

As an example, which of these sellers would you buy from?

Even if Seller A Stores was charging $10.99 for their product and Seller B BitsNBobs was charging a lower $10.89, buyers would still likely choose the seller with the better rating—and that means more profit for sellers with stellar ratings.

So, now that you know how crucial your seller rating is to your Amazon success, how do you go about improving it? First of all, we’re assuming you’re a seller who deserves positive seller feedback, and that:

  • You sell top-quality products,
  • Your customer service is second to none, and
  • Your fulfilment is in line with or exceeds your buyers’ expectations.

If you’re not covering those basics, improving your seller rating is next to impossible.

So let’s rephrase our question, “How can great sellers improve their seller rating on Amazon?”

The strategy is relatively simple, and requires you to address two areas:

  1. Increase the number of positive seller feedbacks (4 and 5 stars) you receive from orders, on a continuous basis. This will push up your total ratings, which we know from the above graphic, helps increase your sales and profits—and it will help you maintain a 5-star seller rating (95-100%).
  2. Reduce the likelihood of receiving negative feedback and deal with any you do get super fast before it adversely affects your seller metrics.

Let’s look at each of these now so you can boost your Amazon seller feedback:

5 Ways to Get More Amazon Positive Seller Feedback

1. Automate the Process

If you’ve got a decent volume of sales, you simply can’t personally email every single customer for every single order—to say hi, tell them they can contact you if anything is wrong and request seller feedback when the time is right. With feedback management software, such as FeedbackExpress, you’ll be able to automate the whole process when orders come through your Amazon account.

2. Send a Customer Service Email First

Walk up to a stranger on the street and directly ask them to look up the latest golf results on their phone—chances are, most will walk the other way, quickly. It’s a perfectly natural reaction to someone they don’t know. Now consider walking up to a stranger and saying hi, asking them the time and engaging in a little bit of chit-chat about the weather. Great, now off you go!

Here’s the thing:

If you were to return to that stranger in five minutes and ask for the latest football results on their phone, it’s a fact that more of them would actually do what you’re asking—and fewer would walk away.

Why? On the second occasion, they already know you a little and even that brief encounter has added trust and familiarity. Their Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community

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