5 Quick Hacks To Radically Improve Your Social Media Design

By Kunjal Panchal

5 Quick Hacks To Radically Improve Your Social Media Design

Scientists have shown that the average person blinks 15-20 times per minute.

That’s a lot! And it just goes to show that a lot can happen in a minute, or every four seconds if you do the maths.

So have you ever wondered about how much activity happens on Facebook per minute?

I’ll tell you.

510,000 comments are posted. 293,000 statuses are updated. 136,000 photos are uploaded.

As for Twitter, approximately 350,000 tweets are sent per minute.

That’s a lot of content being published in the blink (or 15-20 blinks) of an eye.

It’s little wonder that capturing your target audience’s attention can be so difficult.

Digital marketers constantly struggle for the attention of their prospects. To survive in this crowded informational marketplace, you need to stand out.

One surefire way to reach out and grab people’s attention is with visual content.

Why visual content?

Successful brands are often successful because they understand the importance of visual content to their social media design.

Human beings are visual creatures. In fact, visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the human brain than text.

Here are a few other interesting stats:

Visme recently asked some top content marketers for their visual content tips, and Jeff Bullas shared the following advice:

Creating great, effective visual content is a combination of using the right tools and testing the content on different networks. This means posting visuals on Twitter or Instagram or streaming video on Facebook or Periscope. Using the resulting data will then allow you to create more of what works. It’s a combination of art (creativity) and the science (data and technology) of effective content marketing.

How to improve your social media designs

Not everybody likes to read and a lot of people rely on their visual perceptions to interpret information.

Eye-catching imagery therefore plays an integral role in improving your reach to your target audience.

We all recognize that producing regular content is a key factor in maintaining a successful brand, but by enhancing your social media design, you can boost your business sales with greater reach and more engagement.

Something as seemingly simple as using a vibrant palette or a punchy font can make all the difference between someone scrolling past your content on their news feed, and someone having a closer look.

I’ve come up with five awesome social media design hacks which I know will help improve your post’s engagement, because they’ve definitely helped mine!

1. Choose a distinctive color combination

Does your brand have a specific color or colors associated with it?

Color is a key part of brand recognition. Color combinations are all-important in the creation of Go to the full article.

Source:: Jeff Bullas Blog

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