5 Pricing Strategies Every Sales Proposal Should Use

By Ruben Gamez

Pricing strategies don’t just come down to what you charge, it can come down to how you present your prices.

You’re trying to win the client who tops all clients; you’ve been burning the midnight oil obsessing over every last detail:

  • What is going to impress them?
  • How can we make ourselves stand out from the crowd trying to win them over?
  • I hope we come across as reliable and talented (so trust is already established).

You nearly have it finished. It does an excellent job of highlighting your skills, USPs and exactly how you’re going to turn their life around. No small feat, right?

And it’s not over yet; now comes the biggest hurdle…pricing up your offering. Sigh. Yep, this is undoubtedly the trickiest bit, a hot-mess of numbers, procrastination and headaches.

We can help you leap over the pricing hurdle with 5 effective pricing strategies that will make it stress-free and easy. And best of all? It will prevent the finalization of your proposal being a long, drawn-out deliberation.

Let’s dive in!

1. Pricing Strategies: Hook ‘Em with a Gripping Title

First thing’s first; putting effort into a title doesn’t begin and end with the front page – each section of your proposal should have an enticing title, and that includes the pricing page.

You want your client to be engaged all the way through your proposal, particularly at the pricing pages because it can be the make or break of the win.

Your pricing section title might look a lot like this:

pricing strategies

Ok, this is to the point for sure, but let’s face it; it’s not moving you closer to a sale.

This is the type of title that no one really reads, they skim over it and just absorb that this is the ‘money bit’.

We don’t want them to be thinking that. So what’s the best way?

The trick here is to remind them of the wealth of benefits they’re going to get by choosing your company. Let’s consider how it could be written for maximum impact:

pricing strategies

See what we did there? You’re taking the client back to the reason they’ve contacted you and reminding them that this is an investment, they’re getting something great for their money that’s going to help their company progress.

This takes the spotlight off the dollar signs and onto the end delights they’re going to get.

Also, only use terms that the client is going to understand and is relatable to them. Don’t jump in with industry jargon or try to be overly clever, because this won’t work. They’ll tune out.

Keep it short and simple, highlighting the clear benefits to them – it’s a winner, I promise!

2. Pricing Strategies: The Power of the Bundle

The bundle technique is a surefire pricing strategy to limit price objections, due to the simple reason that viewing your options in an itemized list is daunting.

The more numbers there are the harder it is for our brain to process them, so it makes complete sense to present them to your client in one, clear Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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