5 Out Of The Box Ideas To Boost Your Facebook Live Broadcasts

By Ivan Ivanov

5 Out Of The Box Ideas To Boost Your Facebook Live Broadcasts

When taken at face value, the Internet culture driven social media success seems to depend on a dash of creativity and a ton of luck.

Yet, the more one looks at the data, the clearer the picture gets. Engagement boils down to the intrinsic value a post brings to the audience. And this can’t be more true for Facebook Live video.

Introduced in April 2016, Facebook Live has managed to take over the social platform. Standing for more than 20% of all video content, the ability to stream a live feed on your wall is a tool that has changed the way brands interact with their audience.

While a video requires a certain level of quality, planning and preparation, with Facebook live things can be as simple as pushing a button on your smartphone.

In fact, as people tend to be engaged with recency, the success of the feature is predictably obvious. When you stream live content, you humanize your brand and allow your customers to be directly engaged with you the moment you press the live feed button.

Of course, you should properly plan and strategize your Facebook live content for quick brand wins, but compared to native video, the resource investment can be far lower. At the same time, the expected result can be that much higher.

But if it was so easy, everyone was going to do it, right? While it can be argued that some of the biggest brands on Facebook are all transitioning towards having proper live content strategies, it’s also true that a Facebook live feed can be much more difficult to plan than native video.

For starters, you are limited to footage that isn’t edited. Plus, a live stream is usually far less consistent than one single video idea and doesn’t have a straight storyline. Knowing the statistics and seeing how a single stream can greatly boost the overall engagement of your audience, we decided to try to inspire you. That being said, and without further adieu, here are five out-of-the-box ideas to boost your Facebook live game.

1. Stream a Tour of Your Office

People love getting behind the scenes. Understanding how a company works and showing the faces behind the product/service you provide can do wonders for your brand. Plus, it can drive up the engagement of your Facebook live videos.

Take Arnold Palmer’s office tour from Callaway Golf for example. It managed to garner up more than 243K views and is still one of the most popular videos of the brand to this day. And what did they do? They simply picked up a camera and did an office tour.

Granted, it was professional golfer Arnold Palmer’s office and not their own, but the fact of the matter is that office tours work.

Even though not a Facebook live stream, you can also take the infamous Wyoming intersection YouTube live stream as an example of what you can achieve with simplicity. In just a few days, the stream became Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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