5 Leadership Traits from House of Cards’ Claire Underwood

By Paul Keijzer

As the age old saying goes, behind every great man there’s a great woman. There’s no doubting that your partner, spouse or significant other plays a pivotal role in driving you towards success. They are your anchor holding you grounded. They’re your greatest motivators and confidence builders. They believe in you like no one else does. They pacify you and pump you up for challenges. And they’ll always be there for you. But, Claire Underwood from House of Cards is more than just the lady behind Francis’s success. She’s truly an equal.

For most of the first three seasons of House of Cards, Claire Underwood has shown us just how much Francis (Frank) has prospered with her support. But all that changed in season 4 where we saw a new side of Claire. She emerged as a leader who was equally competent as Frank. She stepped up and showed everyone she’s not just a sidekick.

If you were to describe Claire Underwood you’d say she’s smart, shrewd, cut-throat and successful. She seldom has emotional breaks down and is usually well composed, calm and collected. She’s bold, confident and well aware of what she wants, how she’ll achieve her goals and how to channelize her strengths to exploit her potential. In other words, though she may have spent most of her time under the limelight of her husband, she truly is a leader in her own right.

Season 5 has much promise riding on Claire’s shoulders. Like other House of Cards fans out there, I’m keenly eager to see what she’ll do next considering she’s clearly stepped away from Frank’s shadow and is now much more in control of her future. What’s interesting is that I’ve extracted some leadership traits from Claire, much like I did for Francis Underwood. These traits are different from Frank’s as they not only highlight her as a leader on her own, but a leader who’s supporting another leader towards success. It’s an interesting situation she’s in and I’m quite positive a lot of you can relate to her as well.

1. Leaders Remain Calm

No matter how many times she’s been under the firing line, be it by her opponents or her husband, Claire has yet to shed a drop of sweat. She’s always cool, well composed and rational. Unlike her husband who we’ve seen quite often lose his cool and let out a few outbursts, Claire has yet to show us that side of her. Don’t think that she’s a pushover, though. Claire is intelligent and crafts her responses perfectly to ensure she’s heard. Leaders need to be seen as strong-headed individuals who can calmly sail through any storm. And Claire does it effortlessly.

2. Leaders Time Well

Claire is a pro at steering situations to ensure they favor her. She knows when to push back or wait and watch things find their own way around. She observes silently, and plays her cards at the right time to make sure she’s in command of situations. Testament to that fact is Go to the full article.

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