5 Important Questions SMBs Need to Answer About Data Safety

By Juan Martinez

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You’ve seen all the headlines: Individuals, businesses, and even municipalities are being targeted by hackers who want to gain access to personal and financial data. As someone who’s starting a company, or someone who has recently started a company but hasn’t thought enough about security, the time has come to dedicate time and resources to protecting your data. This includes everything from buying software designed to defend against attacks, backing up data in case of a disaster, and establishing emergency protocol in case all hell breaks loose.

I spoke with Adrian Liviu Arsene, Senior E-Threat Analyst at Bitdefender to determine the most important questions companies should ask themselves regarding data management and data security.

1. Are We Using Security Software?

Endpoint protection software monitors and defends your corporate network from external devices that are trying to create entry points for an attack. These tools typically include a combination of antivirus, firewall, and mobile device management (MDM) capabilities (more on this later). By employing one of these tools, your dedicated technology team (assuming you have one) will be alerted to threats if and when they arise.

“Even if you’re a small business, every endpoint needs to be secured by security software as there are plenty of threats out there that can both cripple your business and your customer’s data,” said Arsene. “From ransomware to keylogging malware and advanced threats aimed at using your company as a gateway into your clients, if you’re a service provider, having security software is not only recommended but mandatory.”

2. Are We Backing Up Our Data?

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If your company is ever hacked or if your office gets knocked down by a hurricane, then having a backup of your most recent data will help you get back up and running with minimal data-based issues. A cloud backup of your information will ensure that, after a brief physical rebuild, your company can be up and running again. If you’ve never backed up your data, then you’re essentially starting your business from scratch. Also, data backups, in combination with endpoint protection software, lets you spot threats as they occur, expel them from your network, and then revert your network back to its most recent, most secure state.

There are simple ways to back up your data, including setting automated backups with disaster recovery (DR) software, and copying your system files to other regions (in case of a geographic issue). Regardless of which you choose, it’s imperative that you start backing up immediately.

“Backup and redundancy are vital to business continuity as any losses or disruptions could mean going out of business or being severely crippled for a long time,” said Arsene. “Ransomware is a perfect example of what can happen if you don’t have backups. But also factor in that hardware sometimes fails, and having a single copy of your critical assets is ill-advised.”

3. Are We Encrypting Our Data?

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