5 Holiday Sales Email Fails to Avoid

By Miranda Paquet

You know how important the holidays can be for your business.

It’s your last chance to drive sales, hit your yearly goals, and set yourself up for success in the year ahead.

According to the National Retail Federation, the holiday season brings in 20-40 percent of yearly sales for small and mid-sized retailers.

Here comes the hard part.

While the holiday season is chock full of opportunity, you can be sure your business won’t be the only one vying for your customers’ attention.

Email marketing is proven to be one of your best tools for reaching your audience, and persuading them to shop with you. But to make a stand-out impression, you may have to spend a little extra time perfecting your message and avoiding the common mistakes that could cost you valuable opportunities.

Let’s take a look at five mistakes to avoid in your holiday sales email:

1. Losing your brand to holiday imagery

Don’t get caught up trying to fill your email with holiday cheer. No matter what the season, your emails need to look like they’re coming from you. Be sure to incorporate your business’s brand by adding your logo, brand colors, and unique voice to every email you send out.

Take a look at the “Festive Friday” email sent out by No Rest for Bridget. Throughout the month of December, the store promoted seasonal deals, all while keeping their brand consistent.

no rest for bridget festive friday

Of course, you can add in some festive touches — but don’t go overboard. Stick to one or two small details, so you don’t risk distracting readers from your message.

2. Highlighting too many products at once

You know better than anyone how many great gift ideas your business has to offer. But when it comes to your holiday sales email, sometimes less is more.

Too many options can overwhelm your readers — especially those who are opening from mobile devices. Take some time to rethink your lengthy emails and come up with a plan to highlight just a few of your very best sellers.

Use an email template that works well on mobile and keep your content concise. You can always encourage people to visit your website to view more of your business’s offerings.

3. Sending the same emails to everyone

You can also show off more of your products or services by sending different mailings to different people. Think about what will be valuable to specific groups of people on your list and send them something tailored to their interests.

Here’s an example of a shipping deadline reminder that No Rest for Bridget sent only to their online shoppers.

no rest for bridget free shipping

The more relevant your emails are to your audience the more likely they are to take action and open your future mailings. If you’re still working with one large mailing list, use these steps to organize your contacts into smaller, more targeted groups.

4. Ignoring major shopping days

Timing is always an important part Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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