5 Handy Features To Make Instagram Even More Effective For Your Brand

By Sahail Ashraf

5 Handy Features To Use To Make Instagram Even More Effective For Your Brand

Instagram is one of those platforms that pretty much any brand can benefit from. It also has numerous features that enhance the marketing experience. The good news is that there are five features that we feel should become part of every agency’s playbook.

As an agency, you need to keep your client out there and receiving engagement. To prevent the Instagram well from running dry, make sure that the following features are known to your team, and are being used to their full potential.

We think they are easy to implement too, and once they are a component of what you offer to clients, you’ll be even more effective than you are now.

Use video properly

Something that is still relatively new (and therefore potentially unknown) is the extra value you can get out of videos on Instagram. Live videos that you post on the platform can now be posted to Stories, and therefore gain a shelf life of longer than, well, instant.

The best part of this is that your likes and comments that were received when you first posted the video will be ported over to the video on Stories. Sure, it’s no longer live but it is most definitely still a great marketing tool.

This means you don’t lose that great live broadcast when a stream ends. It gets to live for another 24 hours on Stories.

Tweaking Stories so it works even harder for the brand

There is a world of engagement out there if you master the two ways to tweak Stories to your advantage.

Again, a relatively new concept is the ‘location’ story, where you can actually show up in a user’s feed. Adding a location sticker to your story means that people may see your story if they are searching for or are in a particular location. The possibilities here for location-based marketing are huge. But not a lot of people are aware of it, and certainly many brands don’t yet use it.

Right at the top of Explore you will see a story ring. Adding a location sticker is an amazingly efficient way to reach a local market. And the more you do this, the more likely local audiences will see what the brand is doing.

Instagram Followers

Stories also allow you to do exactly the same thing with hashtags. As we are all aware, hashtags are very useful for engagement, and Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post as a maximum. Using 30 may well cause people to run and hide, but the ability to add hashtags as stickers too means that you can easily become part of a larger conversation.

Using ‘Places’

Many brands are still unaware of how Places can help. If your brand would benefit from engaging with local people and businesses, use Places as a springboard.

Searching in the Places tab does something immediately which brands should be seizing upon. It shows the top local posts in rank order, so you know what local people are discussing and what gets Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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