5 Effective Facebook Ad Examples Your Brand Can Learn From

By Ivan Ivanov

5 Effective Facebook Ad Examples Your Brand Can Learn From

We are living in dynamic times for advertising. With the rise of social media platforms and online content slowly becoming the top form of entertainment used by people, inbound marketing is the top choice for brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The ability to humanize your brand and present yourself directly to a highly targeted audience further opens the doors for an array of advertising opportunities. You no longer have to rely on your advertisement getting seen by people watching a certain TV show or reading a certain magazine.

Yes, to a point you were able to advertise to a specific group of people via print media and other methods in the past as well.

Nevertheless, with social media platforms constantly collecting data about their users, now advertisements can be targeted towards specific individuals that are highly likely to have an interest in your product or service.

One of the setbacks that have come with the online age from the standpoint of the advertisers is that due to the high saturation of obstructive online ads, people have become rather numb towards such advertising attempts.

Creating Advertisements for a Digitized Society

Now, even if you are presenting people with the item they want and need in their lives, if you use similar obstructive online advertising strategies, chances are they won’t have that great of an effect.

In addition, Ad-Blocking software is becoming increasingly popular and further denies you the possibility to advertise to specific individuals or groups.

All things considered, it’s easy to see why social media influencers are on the rise. But they are not the only option. In fact, advertising opportunities given by specific social media platforms are now one of the most secure choices for a brand or a company.

The success of running ads on those platforms primarily depends on the machine learning algorithms implemented within a given social network. Those AI algorithms read through the collected data of the users of that particular platform, track online activity as far possible, and allow you to put an ad to a specific individual that is most likely to respond to what you are advertising.


Yet, to build a proper marketing strategy, you have to consider the clear set of factors that define your brand. If you don’t have a specific audience you want to target, but are rather going for a broad spectrum ad, chances are you won’t receive as high of an engagement or as high of a conversion rate.

Facebook Advertising and Targeting for Individuals

A common mistake when building an advertising strategy on social media is generalization. Aiming to achieve the best possible reach, most brands go for a group targeting approach with their ads. While on the surface this is the right thing to do, at its core, the methods of implementation can significantly harm the success and conversion rates of your ads.

Instead, what you should do is, as we like to call it, target for individuals. What this means is that you should create Go to the full article.

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