5 Easy Ways to Skyrocket Office Productivity

By Chloe Smith

5 Easy Ways To Build and Maintain Office Productivity

We all experience some highly unproductive days at work. Sometimes there are just too many distractions which cause us to lose focus. Other times, we just do not have the motivation to finish certain tasks, so we procrastinate.

Either way, such mishaps take a huge toll on the company we work for as well as our own personal work ethic. The work just keeps piling up, and ignoring it forever is not an option.

Being more productive, or improving your team’s productivity, is the result of careful planning and focused efforts. It requires a diligent approach to time management and workflow practices.

Here are five strategies that can help keep you and your employees motivated and productive:

1. Invest in an inspiring office design

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Although it may sound like a load of ‘millennial nonsense’, the majority of workers are far more inspired to work in a well-designed office than in a drab grey cubicle. If you are unsure whether or not your office design inspires productivity, here are some areas you can make instant improvements:

  • Color – It’s well-established that certain colors can impact psychological wellbeing. Red can keep employees stimulated while blue can help them be more productive.
  • Lighting – Poor lighting can cause fatigue and eyestrain. Make sure you provide your employees with quality lighting.
  • Lounge – Having a dedicated area for tea breaks is truly important for maintaining creativity and focus. Consider installing a cosy café-like setup or lounge near the kitchen area – just try to keep the noise at a minimum.
  • Nature – Inspire your workers with high-definition images of natural landscapes or by adding lots of plants. Plants are a great option because not only do they look good, they also provide fresh oxygen and clean air.
  • Clutter – Take care of clutter by moving it into storage units or getting rid of it altogether. Invest in multiple-use furniture pieces that can unlock and lock together for various uses. A cluttered office is never beneficial to productivity levels.
  • Comfort – Consider standing desks, stability ball chairs, and other health-focused furniture. It helps overall productivity to allow your employees to move around from time to time, because interruptions in the form of back pain and other discomforts can drastically reduce productivity.

2. Devote time to planning your workday

There are many ways in which you can plan your workday, depending on your work style and priorities. Start by arriving at your desk about 10 minutes earlier than usual and planning out your workday before it begins.

A great way to keep things simple and productive is to choose the three most important tasks of the day ahead and just focus on completing these three tasks. No matter what happens, stay focused on these crucial tasks, because finishing them will give you a great sense Go to the full article.

Source:: Jeff Bullas Blog

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