5 Brands That Prove Live Video Is The Future of Content Marketing

By Aaron Agius

5 Brands that Prove Live Video is the Future of Content Marketing

By 2019, Cisco predicts that internet traffic from videos will make up 80% of all internet traffic worldwide.

Thanks to the mass adoption of high-speed internet and in particular, mobile internet, a video is now the most powerful content marketing tool we have at our disposal.

With compelling visuals and rich sounds, brands can use video to communicate their story and build relationships in a way that isn’t possible with text content.

As a testament to the power of video marketing, the mere mention of the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19% and clickthrough rates by 65%.

The rise of live video

Live video represents an emerging trend within video marketing. On Facebook, users spend 3X more time watching live videos compared to traditional videos.

By broadcasting live, brands can create an intimate two-way channel of communication with their audiences. Live video can be used to host Q&A sessions, answer customer queries, host interviews with experts, give product demonstrations and more.

Part of the appeal of live videos is that they’re imperfect. Audiences are forgiving of mediocre video quality and don’t mind if a member of staff accidentally walks in front of the camera – this is to be expected when you’re getting exciting behind-the-scenes footage from your favorite brand.

Live video helps brands inject an authentic human element into their marketing, which is often missing in highly produced pre-recorded videos. After all, people want to buy from other people, not faceless corporations.

If you’re thinking about integrating live video in your marketing campaigns, it’s worth taking inspiration from these 5 brands who are already making waves in the world of live video.

1. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

Live video and professional sports are always going to be a great pairing. Of the many sports brands out there, UFC is setting an example for how to provide extreme amounts of value to its audience via live video streaming.

In addition to streaming UFC events, the brand also streams press conferences, live Q&As with ring girls and fighters, weigh ins, and combat sports from other organizations.

UFC’s Fightpass, which is like a Netflix for fight fans, streams live mixed martial arts events from smaller organizations like Cage Warriors and Invicta FC. Fightpass also streams related sports such as kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu.

The UFC understands its audience well. If someone wants to watch a mainstream UFC event, there is a good chance they’ll also have an interest in a more niche Jiu Jitsu tournament.

The fighter weigh ins take place one day before UFC events and receive a huge viewership online. People love the intensity of the face offs and want to see which fighters look like they’re in shape (or not) before they fight.

When fighters miss weight, it’s usually a topic Go to the full article.

Source:: Jeff Bullas Blog

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