5 Best Practices That Will Help You Rank on Page One of Google

By Nital Shah

5 Best Practices That Will Help You Rank On Page One Of Google

So you want to rank on page one of Google?

Just like any other industry, SEO doesn’t lack prophets of doom, proclaiming its death every other year.

But in spite of the constant negativity coming from those who see search engine optimization as a mere fad, SEO has not only survived for nearly 27 years, but it has also thrived.

According to a recent report, companies spent over $65 billion on SEO in 2016. That is three times more than what experts predicted in 2008 for this year, and that was before major algorithms like Penguin and Panda were released. Plus, it’s estimated that SEO will reach the $80 billion mark by 2020.

Sure, these predictions aren’t set in stone, but they do paint a pretty accurate picture: search engine optimization is here to stay.

The question isn’t whether you should invest in SEO, but more about which activities you should invest in to get the best results.

This article will take a closer look at what it takes to rank on page one of Google and where you should be investing your money.

Let’s get straight to it.

Why investing in SEO is just good business sense

SEO has changed dramatically since its inception. And, although search engine algorithms have become more sophisticated than ever before, and you need to have deep knowledge to win at SEO, it’s still one of the most effective marketing strategies available.

One study found that SEO provides the best ROI of any inbound marketing channel. Most businesses invest on average 12% of their budget into search engine optimization, but it generates 15% of their leads. By comparison, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has 8% of the budget and generates only 6% of leads.

The high ROI has to do with the fact that the intent of searchers is very specific. Unlike social media channels, for example, where prospects might stumble upon one of your posts and click on it if it grabs their attention, people go to Google to ask specific questions and get specific answers.

So, how much does it cost to rank on page one of Google?

When people ask this question, they usually expect a straightforward answer like, “$5,763 plus tax.”

It doesn’t work that way.

SEO can be very tricky. It’s a combination of various practices that take time and discipline to return results.

For example, here are just some of the key factors that will determine how expensive it is for your unique business to rank on page one:

  • Your target audience
  • Your geolocation
  • Your targeted keywords
  • Current industry trends
  • How aggressively you want to approach it

It takes some upfront costs to get the ball rolling, and the initial expenses can be a bit intimidating to a small business.

But, instead of obsessing over the expenses, focus on the benefits you’ll get from SEO, such as organic traffic, increased brand visibility and authority, higher brand credibility, and better ROI as compared to other inbound marketing strategies.

The longer and more you invest in Go to the full article.

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