5 Apps to Help Protect Your Data

By Jennifer Spencer

Identity theft is a real crisis – becoming a victim of one is not a pleasant experience. To protect your phones against data thieves – or simply from a nosy father or sibling, get these 10 apps that will surely protect your privacy.

1. Fingerprint Login: PassKey Password & Apps Lock

By DoubleVision Labs

Why stop at fingerprint screen locking when you can also use your fingerprint to lock single apps as well? With Fingerprint Login, you can now lock individual apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook, and Messenger using your fingerprints. The app allows you to secure all your private data, and you can even use your fingerprint to login to any app or website. You can even use the feature across all of your devices. Download for the iOS on the App Store. Free

2. Free VPN HexaTech – Unlimited VPN Proxy for iPhone

By Betternet Technologies Inc.

VPN Hexatech offers free virtual private networking service that allows you to browse all restricted apps such as YouTube and Facebook as well as securing your connection to any public hotspots through encryption. It provides faster internet connection by automatically locating your location and connecting you o the nearest server. Download for the iOS on the App Store. Free

3. Best Phone Security Pro

By RV AppStudios LLC

If this app is installed in your phone, whenever someone tries to open you device unauthorized, the phone will ring off with an alarm that cannot be stopped except by you. It locks the volume key on your phone, making a would-be- thief unable to mute the alarm. It will also control yout front camera to take a picture of the thief. Download for the iOS on the App Store

4. Lookout: Security and Identity Theft Protection

By Lookout, Inc.

Similar to Apple’s Find My iPhone, this app tracks your device over GPS to help you locate your lost iPhone via the internet using your Lookout.com account. It also features remote access where you can use the website to let your phone ring to easily find it. It backups your data, as well as keeps the last known location of your device before it runs out of batteries or if switched off. Download for the iOS on the App Store. Free

5. LastPass Password Manager

By LogMeIn, Inc.

LastPass is a third-party password storage that allows you to store all of your passwords under heavy encryption for maximum security. LastPass also has a special master password that you can use rather than keeping different passwords for different apps and accounts. The encryption occurs in the phone, which means no data transfers over the internet or is stored in their servers. Download for the iOS on the App Store. Free

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