4 Skills Leading SEO Consultants Need to Polish up in 2018 (and Beyond)

By Bob Van Rossum

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Digital marketing is constantly changing, and SEO is likely evolving faster than anything else. As an SEO recruitment agency, we see the pace of growth that occurs within the SEO space and the increasing demand for skilled SEO specialists.

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Qualified SEO consultants are some of the most sought-out professionals in digital marketing and simply cannot afford to fall behind on necessary skills. If you are an SEO consultant, you will need to pay extra attention to a few search engine optimization aspects in particular to meet the expectations of SEO recruitment agencies in 2018.

The Skills Every SEO Recruitment Agency Is Looking for


Almost everyone uses a search engine to research products and services before making a purchase. That’s why it’s so crucial for businesses to optimize their websites for SEO.

As a recruitment firm with extensive experience in SEO talent acquisition, we’ve put together a list of four top qualities SEO consultants should have to stand out today.

Link Building isn’t Dead, but…

Although not all SEO consultants may agree on what kind of backlinks are valuable for success, backlinks very much affect sites’ rankings and aren’t expected to go anywhere.

Understanding the process of link building that is effective today remains a key factor in being an experienced SEO consultant – that is if you know how to approach it organically. It’s important to consider the types of links Google ranks as being high-quality, know how to audit and disavow low-quality links, and strategize link building for domain authority. To maintain your in-demand status as an SEO consultant, make sure to stay on top of driving organic link building while avoiding methods that Google may even remotely consider as spammy under the latest quality requirements. Recognize link building as a long-term process and focus on creating content that generates true value.

A Bigger (and Better) Mobile-First World

We are continuously hearing about entering the mobile-first world, and it looks like it will finally happen in 2018 or early 2019. And SEO recruiters won’t hold back on placing SEO consultants that know not only how to optimize for mobile, but how to do it fast and in a cost-effective way.

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Nearly 60 percent of searches come from mobile. Unsurprisingly, Google adopted a plan to cater to the searchers’ needs. This means that Google will analyze mobile version of websites first and rank by its performance before desktop, but many organizations are still working on the transition to responsive design and mobile speed optimization (along with usability optimization). Thus, the most in-demand SEO consultants and specialists will need to be able to navigate through the mobile optimization complexities better and faster than ever before. And if you add SEO optimization skills beyond desktop and mobile (aka for a variety of internet-connected devices that exist today), your value Go to the full article.

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