4 Reasons Why Marketers Should Always Write Their Own Resumes

By Mark Miller

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As a marketing recruitment company, we sift through a flood of resumes every day and receive lots of questions from candidates on resume development best practices. Some of the questions we receive involve the concept of resume writing services:

Do we recommend using them? Are there any providers we can refer? Are there situations where a purchased, ‘professionally written’ resume can be advantageous to a self-written original?

In almost all cases, our answer can be distilled to a simple, “No.”

From freelance writers to specialized companies, a quick Google search will turn up a huge list resources offering resume creation services (for a fee). From design to creativity to content to professionalism, they promise to include everything you need to get that dream marketing job.

Fortunately or unfortunately, there is no one better qualified to write about your career than you are. Even the most talented resume writers will lose something meaningful in translation and most just put your experience into their template. In fact, we find that professionally-drafted resumes are almost never as authentic and compelling as those written by candidates themselves.

Buying a marketing resume isn’t just a waste of effort; it can actually compromise your chances of winning the job you want!

This advice holds true for almost any marketing professional, whether they’re just starting their first contract gig in digital staffing or competing in a senior marketing executive search. Why? Consider these key advantages creating your own resume offers:

Putting Your Marketing Talent on Display

When you apply for a marketing job, it’s important to understand that you’re marketing yourself at every step of the way.

Your resume is your first opportunity to show off how good of a marketer you are. You should know the importance of first impressions by now; what does it say to marketing recruiters and hiring managers when you’re not even confident enough in your skills to market your talent?

Many of your marketing skills should translate well to writing your own resume; for instance, communications or audience targeting. Strong copywriting and design skills are also helpful–but not a requirement as long as everything is laid out logically and your grammar is clean.

You have a better understanding of your personal brand than anyone. Don’t throw that advantage away by passing the responsibility off to a third party.

The Most Genuine Representation of Yourself

You might not realize it, but your resume is an extremely personal document.

It doesn’t just explain your experience and accomplishments; it shows whoever reads it what you think is most important about yourself.

That’s an extremely important insight to share with potential employers or a marketing recruitment company, and hiring someone else to write your resume means you’re putting decisions about that information in someone else’s hands.

The person described in a commissioned resume won’t really be you. It lacks your personality, your character; it’s a cheap knockoff.

Even if an impeccably written resume earns you a marketing interview, you’ve only set yourself up for failure. An astute interviewer will quickly notice a huge Go to the full article.

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