4 Reasons Content Marketers Should Think Like Designers

By Josh Ritchie

For many brand marketers, design is an afterthought. That’s because most (tech) brands are started by founders who likely had tech or business backgrounds, who were focused first on building and selling a product/service and attracting customers.

Building a strong brand is crucial to attract those customers, yet many people overlook how valuable design is to building a strong brand, especially in a company’s early days.

Additionally, when it comes to visual design, most marketers aren’t trained in it. They’re not thinking about what their brand looks and feels like from their customers’ point of view.

This is a common problem: Customers are the most important part of marketing, but they’re often one of the last components a company thinks about. The thought process is all too often:

  1. What do we want to build?
  2. How do we want to sell it?
  3. Who do we want to sell it to?

That sequence has ‘uphill battle written all over it.

If your product and your brand are remarkable, you won’t need to do any marketing.

But most brands aren’t remarkable—yet.

How do you build this type of brand? Concentrate on a specific problem (a need or want) your future customers are facing, then find a way to convince them that your services or products represent the best possible solution.

Convincing means communicating, so to figure out how best to communicate that you are the answer to their desires, you need to do one thing: Think like a designer.

How do designers think?

Designers are trained and experienced problem solvers. It’s what they do day in, day out.

Designers are taught to think conceptually. They’re able to see opportunities and creatively connect the dots; they’re able to take an early idea and develop a plan (and often, execute) to turn that into a reality.

Designers are always thinking about the end-user experience. They know how to make things easy to follow.

Designers care deeply about brands and brand integrity. They understand better than others what it means to be off brand and on brand.

And, most importantly, good designers care about the “why.”

When you create content, they should have a seat at the table when you’re developing the ideas at the earliest stages—not just brought in at the end to make them look pretty.

Their valuable insight can help shape the direction of the content. And thinking like them can help elevate the work you create, even before they lay eyes on it.

4 Benefits of Thinking Like Designers

What can happen when you start thinking like a designer?

1) Your content will get your audience’s attention. Developing good content is really about solving a problem. Focus on creating content that provides value to your audience in a way that gets them to admire and respect what you’re doing, to the point of becoming a customer. It’s not easy, but with mindful attention, it’s doable and will become second nature for your marketing discipline.

2) Your content will affect your audience. Many marketers just think about a campaign as a way to sell more widgets and Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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