4 Massive Trends in PR and Communications Your Brand Needs to be Dominating Right Now

By Mark Miller

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The marketing world is constantly changing, and the environment we operate in today is entirely different from what we were working in even just two or three years ago.

The field of marketing communications doesn’t have quite the same fast, flashy developments that are emerging in many fields of digital marketing. But it’s still evolving at a steady pace, driven by constantly-shifting consumer habits and expectations. The brands that fail to keep up are at risk of fading into irrelevance.

How well is your business executing on these increasingly critical PR and communications trends? If you’re falling short; it might be time to consider a PR executive search!

1. Influencer Relationship Management

Many traditional communications channels like mass media, celebrity endorsements and product placement are quickly taking a backseat to an explosion of wildly popular “influencers.”

An influencer can be nearly anyone with a widely-heard voice and respected opinion, like a hot radio DJ or talk show host. But today the most popular and effective influencers tend to be online: bloggers, YouTube stars, podcast hosts, social media entertainers, etc. These individuals may not always have the largest audience; but they often carry a lot of respect and sway within a very targeted niche.

Earning the attention, favor and trust of influencers either organically or through paid means is an incredibly effective (and usually very cost efficient) way to get your brand and products associated with whatever thoughtful insights, hilarious comments, valuable information, or unique personality quirks that make them popular. But engaging and interacting with influencers requires a unique strategy; they’re frequently not experienced public figures with agents or established systems for brand partnerships. Often they’re just busy professionals who run a podcast in their spare time, or young bloggers that aren’t even old enough to have a career yet.

Creating and nurturing relationships with these kinds of personalities requires a delicate touch and a thorough understanding of an influencer’s audience, niche, and content.

Many PR and brand marketing executives are realizing this and recruiting digital marketers specifically to manage their influencer marketing campaigns and relationships.

The world of influencer relationships is still immature and wide open to proactive brands. But the longer you wait, the harder (and more expensive) it will be to get the attention of the right influencers that engage your target audiences.

2. Online Reputation Management

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When people Google your business, what do they see on the front page?

For most organizations, the first result will hopefully be the company home page (if it’s not, you have bigger problems to deal with). But unfortunately the rest of the SERP is often filled with less-flattering content, like negative news coverage, a Yelp page packed with unfavorable comments, or a Facebook wall littered with customer complaints.

Over 80% of buyers do research online before making a purchase decision. Rest assured they’re not only reading about your products; they’re also evaluating your brand.

Unsurprisingly, they’re more likely to buy if they Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community

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