4 Great Reasons to Update Your Mobile App

By Robert Woo

No one likes stale bread, beer, or apps. While the first two are easily fixed, refreshing your company’s mobile app can be a chore. It takes development time and resources, and if you’ve ever checked out some of the millions of apps in Google or Apple’s app stores, you’ve seen a lot of businesses take a “good enough” attitude.

If you aren’t already updating your app every two weeks, which is about the sweet spot to be aiming for, your company should reevaluate the frequency of supporting your app. Need some convincing? Here are 4 reasons to update your company’s app sooner than later.

1. One glitch, you’re out.

A recent survey by QualiTest showed just how unforgiving the average mobile user is: 88% will abandon apps because of bugs or glitches. In fact, the report goes on to say that 51% would “abandon an app completely if they experienced one or more bugs in a day.”

Factor this in with the stat that 24% of users will abandon an app after just one use anyway, regardless of it being glitchy or not, and it’s clear that it’s a “one strike, you’re out” situation. And if you think your bugs will fly under their radar, think again: the survey noted that 78% of users notice glitches and bugs in their apps.

You don’t update your app just for updating sake. Your team should be constantly testing the app and performing quality checks to weed out these errors. By sticking to a bi-monthly update schedule, you’ll be able to quickly resolve bugs that just might lose you a customer.

2. It’s time to go 64-bit.

Apple says “jump,” you know what to do; and here we go again. Current beta versions of iOS 10.3 are popping up errors such as this for 32-bit apps:

photo by Andrew Cunningham via arstechnica

Thus, it seems like iOS 11 might be dropping support for apps that aren’t 64-bit. Millions of dusty apps in Apple’s App Store may be facing obsolescence due to this change. Now is the time for your business to update your 32-bit app if you haven’t already.

And while this is a one-off issue, we’ll continue to see mandates from both Apple and Google that force updates just to stay listed on their stores. The businesses that already have a habit of updating their apps regularly will be able to take these changes in stride, while those that have let their apps languish will always be playing catch up. If your company needs to update to 64-bit, use this opportunity to set a regular update schedule for your app.

3. Security or bust.

Mobile app users are becoming more savvy by the day, and honestly, they have a good reason to be. Privacy in today’s mobile-first age is a huge concern. Just recently, research showed that “more than 70% of smartphone apps are reporting personal data to third-party tracking companies.” It doesn’t matter Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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