4 Essential Social Media Lessons for Near and Recent Grads

By Denny McCorkle

essential social media lessons

The use of social media can make or break a near or recent graduate’s personal brand, job search, or career advancement.

Just the mention of a job search can bring fears, worries, and stress to near and recent graduates.

Are you prepared for your job search? Social media can help.

This is even more so today than yesterday.

The resume and job interview are only a small part of what is needed in today’s job market. Social media is now an expected addition.

If used professionally, social media can strengthen your desired personal brand in the eyes of potential employers and important career stakeholders. If used without privacy filters and control, social media can discount your personal brand and harm your efforts for job search and career advancement.

According to recent research by Career Builder, 70% of potential employers are screening your use of social media. And, 54% have not hired someone because of what they found.

Surprisingly, 50% of employers use social media to screen how their employees use social media, and one-third of those have found reasons to reprimand or fire an employee for inappropriate content.

No doubt, important others are watching you on the social web, now and after employment. Here is an introduction of how to best show and sell your personal brand using social media.

The Essentials of Social Media for Personal Branding & Job Search (PB&J).

  1. Begin with your career-focus.

Social media requires a purpose.

Yes, you have experience in using social media for fun, friends, family, or hobbies.

Yet, your use of social media for private and personal versus public and professional should be considerably different.

This is why a career-focus is needed. A specified career-focus tells others of the potential value of connecting with you.

Your social profiles should clearly define this value to like-minded others and current or future employers so that they will want to connect, take notice of you and your qualifications, and engage with you.

Besides a career-focused profile, your social sharing activity should confirm your career-focus and show others what you are reading and learning to advance your career. By adding relevant comment to your social shares, you are showing others your point of view along with your understanding of that shared content. Your sharing activity keeps your personal brand top-of-mind and reminds your connections that you are there and confirms to current or future employers that you are serious about growing in your career.

Still, with your use of social media for personal branding and job search, your social sharing activity should show your authentic professionalism. You should share the real you, but with filters. Show others your best professional self and always think about the digital first impression you are making for your professional career.

Potential employers and recruiters will also search to find more about you than what is found on your resume or job application. It is good to occasionally show some of your personality, special interests, hobbies, or extracurricular activities. Potential employers are more likely to Google your resume name in an attempt to determine if your personality and Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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