4 Elements You Need for a Viral Video

By Jefri Yonata

elements of viral video

The psychology behind why some videos go viral has been researched many times. One of the most iconic and infamous virals video titled “Charlie bit my finger – again!” has a little more than 850 million views at the time I write this article.

The content is simple: Two boys, Harry and Charlie, are sitting on a chair when Charlie, the younger brother, bites Harry’s finger. What makes it go viral?

Jonah Berger, an assistant professor at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, researched the video. The answer, according to Jonah’s study, is related to the visceral emotions it gives viewers.

But is that the only factor that makes a video go viral?

After the Charlie video surfaced, other viral videos emerged. Using the resources at my disposal (and my impeccable skill at watching videos on the internet), I was able to draw out several factors that can make a video go viral. Let’s get started.


Timing is really important for making a video go viral. If a video relates to what’s happening in the world, or at the very least in a certain region of the world, it has a great chance to spread like wildfire.

Recently, the movie Logan was released, and there was a pre-roll teaser for another X-Men movie, Deadpool 2.

For those who don’t know yet, Logan and Deadpool are sort of best frenemies in the Marvel comics, but due to legal issues, the two have yet to appear in the same movie. Given the nature of Deadpool’s mockery of Logan, this clip was what Marvel fans were craving:

Sure enough, the teaser quickly gained views on YouTube. Comic nerds talked about it on their personal YouTube channel;, moviegoers told their friends about it; and entertainment websites posted their insights online.

Another example of a videos that went viral at just the right time is Ben Affleck’s sad face.

This video blew up due to the fact that Affleck’s new movie, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, had been receiving mixed reviews. It was arguably the most anticipated movie during that time, and it kinda flopped.

But now that the day of cheering (or day of mourning?) for BvS is over, the video is stagnant and no longer receives a surge of views.

That’s the downside of time-relevant viral videos: When the hype is over, it’s as good as dead.


Who is the video about and what is that person doing?

A video that showcases a famous person is more likely to spread because of, well, fame. It’s like starting a wildfire with a jug of gasoline and a pack of matches.

I can give you a range of examples for this one, but I picked a recent one that is still relevant:

kat pic.twitter.com/ra55wo0ulW

— Trump Draws (@TrumpDraws) January 31, 2017

Technically it’s a gif, but you get the point.

Videos of important or famous people often go viral, especially if the videos have controversial value. You will rarely see videos on the Internet Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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