33 of the Best Productivity Tools for CSMs

By Todd Eby

Need to get some time back?

The job of a CSM is tough. It’s time consuming, requires a lot of focus (while juggling a ton of different things) and has a lot of responsibility.

To thrive, you need every advantage that you can get. And by advantage, we mean tools.

While there are innumerable tools available to help you to be more efficient, which are the right ones? Which ones will give you an edge as you work to make every moment count?

In this guide, we’re sharing the tools that our community of Customer Success pros recommend and use. These tools will enable you to shave off minutes, or in some cases hours, off your day, freeing up valuable time. Time that you can spend with customers.

Ready to get some time back? This set of 30+ tools will help you stay sane and on top of things while you help your customers to achieve Success.




Gcal not cutting it for you? Looking for an alternative that works as hard as you do? Fantastical can handle all you calendaring needs in a clean, simple interface. Have a bunch of calendars on different services? Fantastical enables you to consolidate all of your iCloud, Google, Microsoft Exchange and Yahoo calendars into a unified view. Never have to switch between calendaring apps again.


The back-and-forth required to schedule meetings is a huge, unnecessary time suck. Say goodbye to all of that wasted time with Calendly. Make sharing your calendar a snap. No more “give me a couple of times that work for you”, instead you can share your availability and your customers can schedule with you when it works for them.

Pro Tip: Add the link to your calendar in your email signature so that you don’t have to send it out each time you want to refer someone to your calendar.



While there are a ton of different solutions available to help you to snooze, schedule and track emails, Gmeilus can do all that and a whole lot more (and probably for a whole lot less $$$). Gmeilus is a Gmail extension that enables you to custom tailor your inbox while adding new functionality. If you use G-Suite and you want more control over your inbox, Gmeilus will enable you to focus on what matters.


Accompany does a simple job. It gives you the ability to know more about who you’re talking to by putting all the rich insights you need right inside your email. But wait, that’s not all. When you grab their iOS app, you get meeting cheatsheets with full profiles for everyone on the meeting plus company data.


Ever thought that it would be nice to have caller ID for email? BAM! Get the most up to date and relevant info about the sender of an email. Ever feel like you’re being watched? Sende.rs also strips out all Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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