3 Tricks for Better Organizational Skills

By Rick Enrico

Organizational Skill Tip #1: Arrange Your Desk

Let’s take a look at your desk, shall we? More often than not, you have more than just your computer there. Office supplies, paperwork, maybe a sticky note or two somewhere on your monitor or near your keyboard. There can also be a picture of your children, spouse, or family or maybe a piece of merchandise from your favorite band or TV show.

Away from the physical, are you forgetting a client meeting or a project deadline? How about a new process you haven’t gotten the hang of yet or a task you mentally noted but haven’t gotten around to doing?

It’s no wonder that organization skills are a definite requisite for any employee—much more if you’re the boss. If the former, you’re expected to get every instruction done; it’ll be bad if you present that you’re through but forgot to do a small task that slipped your mind. For the latter, if you’re not organized, then you’ll easily drown in paperwork and data overload if not careful.

This just goes to show that the skill to be organized is essential for work (and life), seeing as it’s a standard on how you tackle and handle multiple responsibilities at once. The more you can get done in a lesser amount of time, the better.

Productivity. That is the name of the game. The more organized your resources are, the more you can get out of your time. In a way, you could call good organizational skills a productivity hack. But how do you go about being organized? Here are a few ways.

Arrange your desk

Where you do your work should be organized. Be it your office desk or your home office, or even the occasional coffee shop table, having a neat and organized workspace benefits not only your image as a person and/or an employee but also your health.

It also helps that what you see before and while you work is a clean space. Since you have a clear space, chances are your mind will be clear as well. You can focus better, ergo work better.

And that’s what it ultimately boils down to: time. When you spend more time working, instead of looking for whatever you need in a heap of clutter, the more output you produce. Organizing your desk to make sure everything is within your reach saves minutes.

Organizational Skill Tip #2: Make a List of Every Task

Make a list of every task

Among many, a reason why people love list-type articles is because they’re easy to scan; the information provided are bite-sized. It also gives a specific limit—a number—to an otherwise unknown piece of writing.

This translates to tasks and processes as well. When you list down what you are supposed to do, you see how many you need to get done. You also see a definite limit. Best of all, you can single out what you can do for now and what you can put off for another time.

A trick to doing this is what Go to the full article.

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