3 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategy Is Broken

By AJ Agrawal

With all the buzz around social, why is it so hard for brands to keep up with the conversation?

According to Pew, almost 80% of current internet users have a Facebook. This means from your grandma who writes “Happy Birthday” on your wall to the most seasoned digital vets are engaging online in some way. But yet, many of us still struggle with how our gameplan on them works.

While it’s true that there’s a variety of different strategies your brand could pursue, it doesn’t really matter which direction you choose. Why? Because no matter what, there are a few core components as to why most social media strategy is lagging.

It Lacks a Story

Whether you know it or not, your brand has a story. It’s the essence to why you’re in business, the mantra that you repeat on how you’re going to change the world. And while most companies confuse this for “our story,” your brand story is eons different.

A brand story has to hold what we call in the marketing world “the nugget of truth.” That is, a universal principle that your share with your audience. This keeps your stories not only relevant but also consistent and genuine.

It Lacks Structure and Management

Keeping up with a brand’s social media is a lot of work, so much that some firms hire someone specifically to do it full-time. Whether you have the capacity to do that or not, it’s important to dedicate a portion of your week to working out the structure and management of your accounts.

To start, make a calendar of the type of content you want to post and when to share it (The fine folks over at Deluxe made a nice skeleton on posting schedules for you to use a reference). It’s important to vary up the type of content (photo, video, writing, memes, etc.), as well as to add variations within specific channels, so your posts don’t become stagnant.

The whole end goal here is engagement. Everyone wants their audience liking, commenting, and sharing their posts, but reaching that point requires a lot of trial and error, as well as maintenance. If you’re interested in learning more on this, SproutSocial has a great post on how to refine your engagement strategies.

Your Goals are Completely Wrong

As the team over at Buffer notes, a lot of brands don’t know how to set goals for their social media accounts. This is critical towards not only gauging the metrics of success you set for yourself but also providing a safe bet that your posts are to the right audience.

Start out by doing some test runs to see which type of content serves best, as well as what channels to distribute it to. For example, if your approach is to become a thought leader in your industry, then paying close attention to the response you get on Twitter or LinkedIn might be the most advantageous. Additionally, with the rise in popularity for individualized social accounts (Snapchat, Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community

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